(Officially typed 4/17/10)

Not real busy again. Still mostly focusing on school work. With all the warm days, it was getting harder and harder to concentrate and stay inside. Reading work was done on the deck when it was extra warm.


4/9 L.’s 2nd Bday!

4/12 Resurrection Day!! He is Risen!! Thank you Father for the gift of your Son!!

4/27 P.’s 4th Bday!


4/3 Midwife appt. – 24wk 3dy, weight – private 😉 , P/G – none/none, S.G./PH – .005/6, BP – 122/66, Fundus – 25, FHT – 136, Present – breech.


4/1 Snow, light, no measure. *ugh* It’s April for heaven’s sake – STOP snowing! Granted, it’s only the 1rst… Still, I decree, no more snow!!

4/6 53°F & sun! Now that’s more like it! 😀

4/7 52°F

4/12-13 Snow = 2″ NO!!!

4/16 54°F in the sun! Take that you snow!

4/17 56°F!! Yeah! Keep it up!

4/20 55°F

4/27 54°F Warm day for P.’s bday although it was cloudy!

4/28 56°F These days in the 50s are spoiling me!

4/29 54°F @ 1pm reaching 65°F by 3pm!!

4/30 55°F Ending this month strong! So nice to have had so many warm days! Great start to Spring! 😀

And now for some pictures:

(Fell asleep while enjoying one of the last fires of the season!)

(The backyard is finally clear!)

(Spring fashion!)

(MOOSE “COOKIES” anyone? 😀 )

(Spring visitor!)

‘Til next time,