(Officially typed 4/20/10)


5/10 Mother’s Day! Loved all the sweet handmade cards from my children and the beautiful flowers from them and dh!

5/14 Attended cousin Aimee’s high school graduation! Can not believe she’s that old… I remember my aunt and uncle bringing her home as I was living with them at the time attending college. *sigh* Why are the young ones in such a hurry to grow up?! They’re making me old! 😛

5/23 Our 17th Wedding Anniversary!! Got a dozen beautiful white roses from my dh! We’ve been through thick and thin and I love him more with each passing year!

(Anniversary surprise! Aren’t they beautiful?! )

5/25 Memorial Day – We stayed home. W. working on blue ‘Burban, me putzing – cleaning kitchen, kombucha, internet, cleaning room, gardening, etc. Children playing and helping us both.


5/1 Midwife appt. – 28wk 4dy, weight – private, P/G – none/none, S.G./PH – .010/6.5, BP – 128/56, Fundus – 29, FHT – 152, Present – oblique,

5/14 Midwife appt. – 30wk 3dy, weight – private, P/G – none/none, S.G./PH – .015/7, BP – 130/76, Fundus – 31, FHT – 152, Present – ROO.


5/23 Took a drive around Indian. Also, Girdwood. Went out Crow Creek Mine Rd to end and W. hiked w/ M., B., E. & Q. up the creek ravine. Me & C. stayed in and around car w/ P. & L. Fun!


Since last month was so nice, I’ll only track days that are above the 50s.

5/1 72°F!! Oh my word! That is so hot for this time of year! I’m not complaining! 😀

5/2 70°F!

5/3 70°F!

5/4 66°F

5/13 66°F

5/18 70°F

5/25 75°F

5/26 75°F

It has been such an awesome month weather-wise! Summer in May…who would have thought… 😉

Bit busier of a month. Doing knives again too. Kept up pretty well with school despite the great weather we’ve been having.

Now, some pics:

(Dopey’s Understudy! Or, What a Mosquito Can Do to Your Ear!)

(More of Sleeping Beauty! There is still a bit of baby-ness in her features…it’s fading fast though. Oh how I’ll miss it!! )

(A boy. A book. A stump. Aaah, the endless days of summer before you… PRICELESS!)

(Another visitor…this time of the domestic variety! Meet Wooster (our name for him) – one of the neighbor’s roosters. He comes over daily to see us…he knows where the pickins are good! 😉 A nice looking fellow isn’t he?! )

Until next time,