This certainly wasn’t a slow month! A wedding, extended family activities and a NEW BABY kept us hopping!

7/2 Midwife appt. at 1pm

Then, we headed out to Houston for a picnic with extended family. Very much enjoyed seeing those from CA that we hadn’t seen in a long while. We had some misadventure with our own vehicle on the way there but another family member graciously loaned us one.

7/3 The three older girls went to Seward with W.’s mother for wedding festivities. They’ll be spending the next couple of nights with her and a friend in a hotel. They’re excited! πŸ™‚ W. and I decided to sit this one out with the younger children rather than find a babysitter in a town where we don’t have close friends. Plus, it gave this hugely pg woman more time to rest up for the greater and longer activities for the following day. We (me and the 4 youngers) did drive out to ER with W. to pick up some business supplies though so they didn’t feel too left out. We made it a mini-adventure and that’s always fun! πŸ™‚

7/4 We all slept in and then began the process of getting ready. Yes, it’s a process…me 9+mo preggo, 4 younger children with no olders to assist and 1 bathroom. *sigh* Finally, we left around 2:something for the 6pm wedding. We figured there would be holiday traffic but not that bad as most people would have traveled the day before (it’s tourist season around here and summer fun time for the in-staters…traffic is always bad in the summer along the Arm). I’m extremely uncomfortable sitting for long periods (of course!) but purposefully don’t drink much as there aren’t that many pit-stops along the way. Doesn’t matter. Just as we get around the Arm to head up into the mountains, traffic comes to a complete halt. We’re held up for a little over an hour by what turns out to be a fatal car accident. I’m getting the urge to use the bathroom but we’re seriously behind schedule now. We’ll consider ourselves lucky if we make it on time at all at this point. We do though with about 15min. to spare. Some others weren’t so lucky and did end up walking in late to the wedding. Couples can slip in better than those with small children though. πŸ˜‰ The ceremony was short, simple and sweet! The reception was a blast on the beach on the family property! We stayed until 1am. I was pooped and we were encouraged to stay the night but this pg woman wanted her own bed! So, I rounded everyone up (including the husband πŸ˜‰ ) and drove us all home. (Being pg automatically makes you the designated driver right?! πŸ˜‰ )

7/5 We all slept in (obviously). Got up and ready for church. (Our service is at 2pm thankfully.) Older girls still vacationing so getting everyone ready falls to me alone again. *whew* Did I mention how PREGNANT I am??!! After church, another get-together & bbq. It really nice not having to cook! Plus, more visiting time…especially with those from out of state that we won’t be seeing again presumably for a long while. Older girls are back and come home with us.

7/6 I hit 38 weeks! W.’s mother is staying at our house for a few days before heading home. Unfortunately, she thinks she’ll have to leave before baby arrives but I’m enjoying the help while I have it. Since we are trying to finish up a few things in our torn up kitchen, a big help she is indeed. Not only is she helping (with the older girls of course) with the laundry hauling it up and down the stairs, she’s doing dishes, cooking and PAINTING, putting things back in place as best as possible, cleaning off texture, etc. in the kitchen. Plus, she can just oversee everyone while take a NAP!

7/7 P. still here and I borrow her car and head to the library for a short R & R (with *only* a couple of children in tow. πŸ˜‰

7/8 E.’s 9th bday! Me and M. take him and Q. to see the new Ice Age movie in the theatre. E. and Q. have never seen a movie on the big screen. Fun experience for them! πŸ™‚

7/9 Me to the library again and then to a midwife appt. at 5pm. Wow, out-n-about 3 days in a row… Considering all the other activities, this has been quite the week.

7/12 P. still visiting. I have “weird” feelings mid-morning. Motivates me to move boxes from bedroom and a few other organizational/cleaning stuff. Over by mid-afternoon but no church.

7/13 39 weeks! One week to go! P. left really early this morning. W. home making knives until 1pm. Delivered to L. at OTDist. then off to DP shop. “Weird” feelings return in the afternoon. Hmmm…

7/14 Waiting…

7/15 Waiting…

7/16 And waiting… Guess I’m going to continue to be so I’ll quit saying it. πŸ˜‰

7/17 Midwife appt @ 5pm “Laborish” things seemed to have picked up after appt. Nausea, urgency to get some cleaning done in room, etc. but it petered out after a few hours.

7/18 Actually feeling semi “normal” throughout day…

7/19 And, today feeling more “normal”… Bummer. Calm before the storm maybe? Baby still doesn’t seem to be head down either. **WHOA!!** Went to bed at 12:30AM and as soon as I’d covered w/ the blanket my water broke! I was up out of that bed so fast I didn’t even get it wet! Earlier in the evening, I was feeling not so sleepy – about 10:30pm or so. Thought it was because of my nap from 7-7:30pm. Turns out my body was gearing up for labor! Had been having the “typical” on again-off again contractions and, again, not feeling too sleepy. Turns out labor!!

7/20 Official labor started at 12:30AM when my water broke. Lost lots and lots of water!! Standing next to bed or pacing a few steps next to it on a towel. Thought it would never quit. πŸ˜‰ Husband called midwives and started rushing around cleaning up some last minute things in prep. Older girls helping in kitchen and settling little ones. Midwives arrive and I’m still standing on towel next to bed – must have been 20min at the least to half hour. I decide to go into bathroom while they are setting up mostly because I still just want to be alone.

12/01/14 – It’s embarrassing how long this post has sat in my Drafts file! (The case for most of them in there.) Anyhow, the above was written in 2009 and was my pg/delivery of F. Obviously, after she was born, I got busy and never finished this post up…wanting of course to wrap it up with the last 11 days. Oh well. The gist of my delivery is that is was long and hard and exhausting. What birth isn’t right? Well, F. ended up a complete breech delivery! Hours upon hours on the birth chair with our two midwives taking turns holding the cervix open between contractions, etc. When she was finally born, we had a couple of scary minutes when she didn’t “come to” and oxygen, mother’s touch (massage) and talking to her for her to take her first breath. By law, the paramedics were notified. They showed and up and found all well and mom and baby settled in for their “Babymoon.” Recovery was slow…but that’s my usual. This time I appreciated the down time more than after any other birth let me tell you!

Anyhow, the rest of the month was healing, getting used to a new baby, nursing, etc. and trying to run the household from bed with my older girls doing a lot of the leg work. I surely appreciate them too.

With that wrap up, brief though it is, I will finally publish this. Not because it’s all that exciting to everyone else but for family posterity. Blogs originated as online personal journals right? A bit of our personal family history recorded…

‘Til next time,

ps – I will eventually post date this entry.