Wishing all our readers a very blessed 2010!

What happened to that blog housekeeping I was going to do? I’m still working on it. My new old computer is now acting wonky which is making copying/pasting and other right-click features difficult because the left button is not working at all so I had to make the right button act as the left. This is making it difficult, or at least more time consuming, adding pictures to posts, etc. Sooo, I’m still working on Oct. 2008 for heaven’s sake. When I came back on online, I was a little less than a year behind…now I’m over a year behind. Which, in reality is no biggy, as I’m doing this mostly for my own benefit/family posterity but is a bit annoying because I don’t feel like posting anything more current until I have those done which means you all just continue to be in the dark. Which again, really isn’t a biggy because nothing much exciting really happens around here…new babies being the exception of course. 😉

So, blah, blah, blah, here is my New Year post which is all about old stuff.

‘Til next time…whenever that may be,