I still haven’t found the time to work on pictures for the posts I have typed up. However, I did delete and clean up some links in the sidebar. Most were affiliate links. All affiliate links that were in the sidebar are now on the affiliate page. We would so appreciate you taking a look there and clicking through to purchase on sites you are interested in! Your support means a lot! I’ll be adding a link to the affiliate page above but for now you can scroll down and find it in the left sidebar. (Ok, I’ve done that. Now, Prov. 31 Shop leads you to our Affiliate Page instead of my own personal little shop. I just haven’t had the time to re-open it and this is the next best way for me to earn a little to help the family. 🙂 Thanks to those who use them!)

What do you think? Does it look cleaner? Does it help with navigation? Any input would be helpful…

Hope everyone in the Lower 49 is enjoying spring! It’s not quite spring here but daylight and warmth are increasing rapidly and we are thankful!

‘Til next time,