Updated – 1/30/13

Taste of spring!

We made this salad this past weekend with ingredients from our CSA boxes. Light and refreshing! (I made some adaptations from the original source.)

Red Radish & Cucumber Salad

    3 Tbs sugar (Rapadura is a more healthful choice. Raw honey, although it would alter flavor, could also be used in a lesser amount – probable about 1 Tbs.)

    ½ C rice wine vinegar (Raw ACV if you want it more tart – which is what we did.)

    2 Tbs salad oil (Safflower, EVOO or flax.) *I’ve since learned that Safflower is not a good choice and would use Virgin/Raw Coconut Oil instead.

    Juice from one lemon (Organic.)

    1 ts of zest (That’s why it’s important to use organic!)

    2 ts fresh dill, chopped (Again, organic.)

    1 lb red radishes, thinly sliced in circles (Organic of course. We chopped ours.)

    1 Tbs shallots, thinly sliced (We only had org. onion – chopped fine.)

    1 English Cucumber or deseeded and skinned Garden cuc, thinly sliced (Org. of course. We skinned ours but didn’t bother deseeding. Again, we chopped not sliced.)

    Salt and pepper (Celtic sea salt!)

In a bowl, combine sugar, vinegar, oil, lemon juice, zest and dill. Add radishes, shallots and cucumbers. Toss until evenly coated and salt and pepper to taste. Approx. servings 4-6.

Garnish with a snip of fresh cilantro. (Not part of the original recipe but the flavor blends beautifully!)

*I also sometimes add crushed red pepper flakes when we feel like having it a little spicy! 😀

We will definitely have to double or triple this for our family. We only had one bunch of radishes so we each ended up with a small helping wishing for more!