While I haven’t had complete luck today in restoring this our main blog, I unintentionally resurrected two ancient blogs I used to maintain. Let’s just say their demise came about through – I once thought – botched updates. Go figure eh? I quit maintaining them and simply made updates on my main blog and left it at that for about 3 years!! Time flies… The links were (are) in the header of our main blog this whole time as a reminder to me to some day go back and attempt to fix them. Guess today was the day. Again, go figure. If you are interested in seeing these ancient blogs here are the links:

Garden Blog

Schoolroom Blog

So, if you are bored or something, you could find them interesting reading. They were a trip down Nostalgia Lane for sure for me!!

Continuing to plug away now on the main blog. I’ve actually discovered that all my data is safely in the database so it’s probably an incompatability with mySQL version which means I’ll have to revert back to a previous version of WordPress. *sigh* After all this work, more work to reinstall a very old version. I’m trying to remember which I had so that everything will hopefully magically work right again. Granted, then I’ll have to restore the “look” I had… I do hope I saved copies of my docs. At this point, my brain is about to exploded so I can’t recall… 😛