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New Knife!

There’s another new knife in the shop!

Check it out here. We have very few of these bowls left so if you’ve been waiting for a knife matched with one…don’t wait to order!

There are more I’ll be posting soon. My “new” computer crashed and I’m back to using the wimpy decrepit laptop. It takes longer so bear with me…

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Review – Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse

I recently finished Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse
and thought I’d give a review as I believe it has a very valuable message.

It is basically a “survival manual” in novel form. The storyline follows a group of people who commit to helping each other in any future crisis in which survival becomes paramount in the event of disrupted “systems” our world is so dependent on – electrical, phone, emergency, food, etc. While characterization is weak, that’s not as important as the basic day-to-day survival living skills that are described. What tools, weapons, supplies, home “improvement” projects, etc. that the author considers basic and necessary are laid out in the narrative in an interesting and compelling way. Fair warning: there is description of some of the sinister and gory events that inevitably would result from a break down of our society although not in overly graphic ways. Also, there is a passage that discusses very basic preparations for, and working your way through, a home birth which is, again, not overly graphic.

Patriots certainly left me convicted about how unprepared most of us really are! Despite growing up fishing, hunting (ie – using firearms), raising small livestock and horses, supplying ourselves with firewood to heat our homes and living a general rural lifestyle including gardening and wildcrafting, there is still so.much.more to *survival* in a world that is hostile, violent and so far removed from the peace and plenty most of us enjoy in the modern industrial United States. Think about it. Even those striving to live a more simple agrarian based life still have comfortable amenities that are taken for granted. Unless you have purposefully chosen to live “off-grid”, you are still tied to certain grids that would make life uncomfortable in the least and down-right life threatening at the most. So while I know how to rough it – build lean-tos, hunt/fish and process the kill, haul water, fell a tree, and an endless list of things that would help me and my family should we be without electricity or gas heat, there is also an endless (seemingly) list of things I/we don’t know or have that would still make life extremely difficult or put us in a vulnerable position. I don’t like that last thought *at all.* I wouldn’t say it was an “eye-opening” read…our eyes have been open to these things for a long time (since childhood?)…it was an urgent shove toward fixing/aquiring/learning those things that are still lacking in our lives.

One other fact I did appreciate was that the author is a Christian (of the same theological bent even!) and wove faith and dependence on God throughout the novel. Nice! You really don’t find that often in a book of this sort.

Get it. Read it. Act on it. I don’t think you’ll be sorry you did. Unless, you are looking for a light adventure story to veg out with. It’s anything but. πŸ™‚

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ps – This was not a sponsored book review. However, all book related links are affiliated with Amazon from which our family will benefit should you decide to make a purchase. Thanks!

Weekly Contemplation

“Most medical doctors are unaware of the existence of this type of therapy and do not know how to use it. Because it is a departure from their usual thinking and protocol, they are often reluctant to even explore it.”

pg. 211, Dr. James Wilson, Adrenal Fatigue: The 21rst Century Stress Syndrome

New Knife!

We have a new knife for retail in the shop!

I personally really like this one! Simple, “clean”, lightweight design…perfect kitchen tool!

More coming up…

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Summer, Books and Amazon

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to say I’m writing those catch up posts a little here and a little there. Things are quite busy for us in the summer what with the business and the fact we practically live outdoors all summer enjoying our freedom!

I got your comment Rebekah! Thanks for staying in touch!

If you haven’t noticed, our book lists in the sidebar have exploded! Guess we haven’t been too busy to find time to read. πŸ˜‰ Summer lends itself to lolling in the grass with a good read just as a winter fire in the fireplace does! None of us can imagine never having something to read or never a minute or two to flip open our books! (or mags, etc.) In the car, on the swing, sitting on a log, lying on the deck or even sanding handles (!), all of us (that have learned so far) always have something to read close by. (Even those that haven’t learned to read yet are frequently found looking at their picture books!) Or, books on tape/cd. I love how we fit in knowledge or imagination into our days this way! So, what are you reading this summer hmmm? πŸ˜‰

I’ve been squeezing in a little gardening too. Far from what I want to be doing…but I’m not complaining. I’m thankful for what little bit we having growing at the moment considering circumstances/situation as it is.

If you are still with me after that bit of a ramble, I’ll get to the Amazon part of my title now. I have been using Swagbucks for some time. I love it! Mostly, I’ve been letting the SBs accumulate and then redeeming them for Amazon online gift cards. I made an order a few months ago (yay – free $$$ to spend! Yes, it’s legit. πŸ˜‰ ) and was very pleased with how it all worked out. Very pleased! My Amazon cards have now been stacking up as I’m a choosy shopper/very frugal and I just haven’t decided what I want to get. (Both needs and wants are more numerous than the SBs just like with real $ unfortunately. *sigh*) Anyhow, I think I’m closer to deciding and this time I want to link up with someone and benefit them with my purchase as well. You can’t get a commission on your on purchases through your own affiliate links (bummer huh?!) and so I wasn’t really thinking about it when I ordered last. This time though I want to partner up with someone – I’ll use your link if you’ll use mine!! I know I could stop by a blog here or there and find someone’s to use…but what I really want is to benefit someone who is interested and cares about our family and helping us out and doing the same for them! So, if you read here and have an Amazon affiliate link and would commit to using mine in return, I’d like to hear from you! If you have used it, let me know what date you placed an order and I’d be happy to return the favor the next time I make a purchase. If there is more than one person interested, I’ll do a rotation of links. How does that sound? Any takers? Again, if you didn’t catch the addendum to my last post, I unknowingly chose a template that doesn’t show comments. I can see them through admin but they don’t show for everyone else. So, don’t hesitate to leave one regarding this – I’ll be able to read it!

Thanks for stopping by. πŸ™‚

‘Til next time,

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The Blog is Back!

I’m so glad to have this blog restored! I’ve missed blogging! (Despite not being very good at keeping up with it regularly.) However, it will take a while longer to get the look of it restored. I can deal with bare bones design just being relieved that none of the data is lost!

Soooo, if anyone is still hanging in there with me, I’d love to hear from you! πŸ™‚

6/15 – It’s taken me a few days to realize I chose a theme that doesn’t show comments. I can still view them via admin but the rest of you can’t. When I get some extra time (haaa-haaa), I’ll try to find another theme I like that has comments available to everyone. Until then, don’t hesitate to “talk” to me. To do so, click on the title of the post and there will be a reply form at the bottom. Encouragement is always welcome! πŸ˜‰

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