I haven’t been around much as I’ve been sick. Most of the children (and dh – briefly) were sick last week with colds/upper respiratory crud and recovered pretty quickly. Me and a couple of the other children were the last to get it and even had hope that we wouldn’t as everyone seemed pretty close to 100% better before we even showed any signs. Whatever it was hit me harder than anyone. I think it may be because of a case of pneumonia I had a few years ago…everything seems to go straight to my lungs and wipes me out with fatigue.

I also haven’t been posting as I’ve had to go back to using the old decrepit laptop. *ugh* Using this thing is sooo annoying. Really aggravating. To keep my blood pressure down, I avoid it as much as possible. So, while I had been writing those catch-up posts, I haven’t been doing anything with them because adding pictures is a pain. A real pain. So are posts with pictures of our new knives. Thus, I’ve been quiet.

I’m hoping for another new old computer soon. When it happens, I’ll be back more frequently.

It’s been pretty dreary and rainy here weather-wise and we’ve been busy with the business so nothing too exciting to report anyway. In fact, it’s kinda Dullsville…you know, all work and no play…

Hope everyone else is having a good summer!

‘Til next time,