I have another “new” to me computer…finally! Been waiting for it for a while. I’ve actually had it about two weeks already – a laptop even – but it was unusable for approx. a week of that. I kid you not…within 24hrs of having picked it up, the harddrive blew!! We had turned it on the night I brought it home to just take a look at it, get a little feel for it, see if it would play a movie all right, etc. and then turned it off. Took all of maybe 15min. on it. The next morning I plugged it in, turned it on and was really excited to start using it. Inserted my mobile Internet device, it started to do it’s thing – install, etc. Then, I plugged in my external harddrive because I wanted to start transferring info right away. Within 30sec of having done so, *kablooey* (as my 10yo boy likes to say 😉 )!! The screen is blank and I can’t get it to do anything. Into DOS I go…says I have 0gb and no harddrive is installed. WHAT?!?! Dang. Get on the phone to the computer company and they confirm it’s toast. *ack* The person I got it from I trust implicitly and she says she hardly used it. I believe her so it was a real bummer. Guess it was just too old (6yrs) to handle new tech. {roll eyes} $100 to fix the last one (didn’t) for a new memory card…will be $100 for this one too for new harddrive. Decisions, decisions. Finally, it was decided to fix the laptop as it’s nicer, (more than likely – didn’t know the person that had the desktop) has had less use, is probably newer (didn’t check date of desktop), etc. I want the portability too. So, takes a few days, but dh gets it down to the computer shop and has a new harddrive put it. Not the one I wanted but it’ll do. So, I reload everything and then comes updates. Bah! Took me *four days* to finally get all the updates downloaded and installed! Finally, the computer looks right, acts right, etc., etc.!! I’m so happy!! 😀

All that to say, I’ll finally have normal functionality and that will make typing, sharing pictures, links, everything much easier. I’ll bore you by getting back to updating a year’s worth of monthly updates. 😉 Hey, family posterity takes precedence! Ok, ok, I might throw a business update or two in there as well. Maybe some current homeschool stuff… You get the idea. I’ll be back to same ole, same ole again. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

Finding the time will be the (only) trick now…

‘Til next time,