but I’m going to have to.

This blog takes up too much web space on our site. Precious space for the business. We’ve been having trouble with the site crashing and I finally realized it’s a space issue. So, this blog has to go from here. I’ve already imported posts and comments over to the WordPress site that I chose this summer. I have a little more work to do on it – sidebars, etc. – and then I’m going to officially delete this blog. Hate to…but have to. Love having it self-hosted…but the business comes first. I hope that everything transferred well. As I said months ago, I can’t stand the thought of losing so much past info. I do know I have some duplicate posts over there that I’ll have to spend time sorting through. Didn’t think the transfer was working so I clicked again and, well, that was a mistake. Anyhow, this is fair warning for anyone still reading here. This blog will no longer exist here soon and, if you still want to keep up with us, you’ll have to pop over HERE to do so.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!