“By the time the ranks of Amazon.com employees had swelled to five people – with the temporary hiring of Nicholas Lovejoy, a high school math teacher in his early twenties – the lone circuit breaker in the converted garage wasn’t up to the task of powering all the hardware. So the quintet got creative. They ran long orange extension cords that curled Medusa-like into the garage form all the other rooms in the house, which were on separate circuit breakers. But even that power was not enough. By siphoning the entire house’s power into the garage, it got to the point where Mackenzie couldn’t turn on a hair dryer and Jeff couldn’t vacuum the living room without blowing a circuit breaker.” ~ Amazon.com: Get Big Fast, pg. 64

Uh, yeah. Been there. Done that. Still sorta doing that. 😉

Anyway, enjoying this book although it’s slightly dated (published in 2000 – just think about the changes in the last 13yrs!) Thought I’d share this passage I found amusing because it’s so relevant! The “best” of us have the humblest beginnings sometimes… 😉