Homestead Potholders

Technically, we aren’t living completely off-grid. However, since moving to our new house a year and a half ago, we heat entirely with wood and use our woodstove for 95% of our cooking. We’ve really only turned the propane stove on to assist with holiday cooking.

Using the woodstove primarily means that our potholders were taking a beating – constantly grungy and developing burn marks, etc. – and therefore in the laundry quite often.

One day there wasn’t a potholder or kitchen towel to be found when I had to lift a pot off the stove. Viola’! My husband’s welding gloves to the rescue! They were supposed to be downstairs in the garage next to the big woodstove. That thing gets rip-roaring glowing hot and those gloves are crucial for me avoiding nasty burns trying to stoke it sometimes.

Anyhow, the gloves had somehow (read – older child who had stoked the downstairs stove forgetting they had them on) made their way upstairs and were (thankfully!) put behind the woodstove for safe keeping. How handy they were! Just grab any pot or pan (with or without a handle ;-)) and go! We heat water on our woodstove for many uses too and scalded hands from slopping water were now a thing of the past!

So there’s my tip! Welding Glove Potholders – the hottest thing in the homestead kitchen! (Well, besides your woodstove…or your pot…definitely NOT your hands though. 😉 )

I think my husband with have to buy me a pretty pink pair if he wants these back in the future! 😀

‘Til next time,

ps – This post is part of the Homestead Barn Hop!