“Many of the principles and practices now taken for granted in America can be traced to this declaration of fundamental rights [Virginia Bill of Rights]. For instance, the first article declares the equal right of all men, by nature, to freedom and independence. This truth is at the foundation of republican government. Its source, as has been properly noted, we find in Christianity, which ‘alone teaches the absolute, exclusive, sovereignty of God and the common origin and brotherhood of man.’ Christianity teaches that God is not a respector of persons, but views all men as equal before His moral law. The first article also declares that men have an inalienable right to enjoy life, liberty, property, and happiness; concepts that were soon written in the federal Declaration of Independence.”

~ Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry (Leaders in Action), pg. 103

I thought this an appropriate quote from the book I’m reading considering this past week’s holiday. 🙂

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