In times past, I used to post our homeschool books finished each month and let the sidebar show what I was personally reading and finishing. Now, since I rarely blog, the sidebar does not accurately record what is in my reading pile let alone what I’ve finished and the days are such a blur of activity that I consider myself doing good to remember to make an a note in a word processing program of what we have read for school.

I do keep track that way now though of all books finished by me alone or what I’ve read aloud to everyone and that’s what I’ll post here at the end of the year from now on (unless life changes in some other way and posting more often becomes easier again).

Without further ado:

Books Finished – 2013


Exploring Planet Earth by John Tiner (Feb.) ( )
Little House in the Big Woods (March) ( )
Getting to Know Nature’s Children: Chipmunks (March)
“ “ “: Beavers (April)
Little House on the Prairie (April) ( )
Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Richness of the Reformed Faith (April) ( )
Abraham Lincoln (d’Aulaire) (April) ( )
On the Banks of Plum Creek (May) ( )
Farmer Boy (May) ( )
Pearls of Lutra (June) ( )
By the Shores of Silver Lake (July) ( )
The Long Winter (July) ( )
Little Town on the Prairie (Aug.) ( )
Kirsten’s Surprise (Aug.) ( )
The Long Patrol (Sep.) ( )
Dinosaurs of Eden (Sep.) ( )
These Happy Golden Years (Nov.) ( )
The First Four Years (Dec.) ( )


Virgin Coconut Oil by Hilary (Jan.) ( )
A Log Cabin Christmas Collection (Feb.) ( )
W1ck (Feb.) ( )
Wick 2: Charm School (Feb.) ( )
Forgotten Founding Father (March) ( )
Jim the Boy (April) ( )
Cold Sassy Tree (June) ( )
The Power of Motherhood (July) ( )
Woman Power (July) ( )
Give Me Liberty: The Christian Patriotism of Patrick Henry (July) ( )
Hearts West (July) ( )
The Paleo Coach (Aug.) ( )
How Green Was My Valley (Sep.) ( )
Love and War (Oct.) ( )
The Life of Pi (Oct.) ( )
My Life in Orange (Oct.) ( )
Tillie: A Mennonite Maid (Nov.) ( )
The Member of the Wedding (Dec.) ( )
Life As We Knew It (Dec.) ( )
The Burgermeister’s Daughter: Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town (Dec.)
( )

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