Reminiscing about last summer….

Because winter is just too long doncha know. 😛

It was one of the hottest I remember experiencing here in the beautiful state in which I was raised.  On one of the hottest days, if not the hottest (98°F not in direct sun!!!), I received a very nice invitation to have lemonade at the Treehouse!  Again, it was HOT, and I’d been working hard. No way was I going to pass up a chance to socialize and cool off!  😉

My cheerful Hosts!

My 3 Little Beauties!

Entertainment was provided too!

He was only 2yo and reciting (a few letters of) the Alphabet! *beam*
Also, there was singing by all of them and a brief Bible passage read by my 8yo Beauty!

Mmmm! Refreshing!

Hard workin’ Mama getting a treat!

(That’s the 13yo Muscle Man in the background comin’ to check out the party. 😉 )

Yup. Warmer temperatures can’t come soon enough!!!

‘Til next time,