There are a proliferation of giveaways on the Internet now. I’ve entered a few over the years and have won a handful of things. Always so exciting no matter how small because I used to be the person who “never won anything.” I can’t say that any more. 😉 Actually, I hadn’t entered that many since our move because the Internet connection is pretty spotty where we are now and a lot of the time it’s annoying trying to use it. However, I have noticed a change in how giveaways are offered and that is through the use of handy tools/widgets that make entering and tracking entries easier. Splendid idea! I have increased my entries into various giveaways over the past few months mostly because of them.

Anyhow, recently an online friend had a giveaway for a Lilla Rose clip and I entered as there wasn’t a restriction on doing so. 😉 I won! The clip arrived in the mail last week.


Over the weekend I had two perfect opportunities to try it out. (Normally, my hair is braided or in a bun. I wear pretty hair stuff for church or other special occasions.) The girls and I had a wedding shower to attend Saturday afternoon and then church and Mother’s Day the next day. The clip matched both outfits I wanted to wear! I’m so happy with it not just for it’s beauty but for the quality! It’s a sturdy little thing…good thick metal slide with notches that fit into a small metal bar on the other side – which makes it adjustable too! The beads are well secured, alternate in a lovely coordinated way and quality glass/mental, etc. I love it!!


It is so pretty in fact that, when all of my girls (6 of them if you are new here) saw it, there was a chorus of, “Oooo, it’s so pretty!! I want one!!” 🙂 I told them, “Enter a giveaway. Just kidding!” 😉 I think there may be some birthday orders from Lilla Rose in my future…

All that being said, I can wholeheartedly endorse Lilla Rose products! And, if you would like some yourself, please give my friend Leah’s site a visit! I know she would appreciate your support too being a mom of many and a dairy farmer’s wife. 

All the info you need is on her Facebook page:
Lilla Rose – Leah Terry

‘Til next time,