This post could also be titled “Getting to Know Your Local Farmer.”

My husband and I stopped by a long standing farm he remembers from his youth while out on a drive together. It has been a Yak farm for some time now and we’d been meaning to stop whenever we were in the Kenny Lake area in the past. Now that we live closer, we are in the area a little more frequently and spur of the moment one evening we just dropped in. People still do that around here. 😉

We enjoyed an hour or more of conversation…Bob Fithian and my husband reminiscing about old-timers and times…and, after Barb stepped in, all of us discussing new topics of homeschooling, politics and such. We were given a couple pounds of Yak burger as we left with handshakes and encouragement to return with the children. (They homeschooled their boys who are grown and gone.)

A week later or so, we did return with the children. Here are a few pictures:




Part of their glorious view:

Bootprint Mtn 5.14

A down-to-earth Christian couple eking out a unique and thriving farm in rural Alaska! Stop by, visit and support their farm if you are in the area. You won’t be disappointed!

‘Til next time,