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November in Review

(Officially typed 1/22/10)


11/1 Reformation Conference

11/27 Dinner @ home this year for Thanksgiving! It really felt good to be home although kinda different too. My parents joined us and it was nice and quiet and relaxing. Well, as quiet and relaxing as things can be with seven children! πŸ™‚ It was nice not to have to drive – especially on slippery roads. Plus, since I hadn’t been feeling well, it was more of a relief. Everything was yummy and the children were glad for an opportunity to finally use my good china again! πŸ™‚


11/17 Potty training has begun for my baby!! L. used the potty for the first time today (#1)! She’s been interested for a while and we would put her on the big potty occasionally but, of course, there was the nervousness of being over that big opening. A few times we had success so I finally told one of the older girls to run out to the shed and find the little potty. We excitedly showed it to L. and showed her how to sit on it. A little while later when I took her to the bathroom she used it without much prompting at all. Her night-time diapers have been dry for quite a while so I definitely know she’s ready. 19mo and getting to be such a big girl! *sniff-sniff*

11/23 L. has been using the potty regularly but today she went all by herself and #2 even! I’d say potty training is complete – just like that. Exactly a week and pretty much trained herself! Of course, I’m sure I’ll have to remind every now and then. Like all children, she’ll probably get busy playing and forget, etc. Although it makes me a little sad, I’m glad it’s accomplished and so quickly!

11/25 No fluke. L. again used the potty by herself for #2 – twice in fact! It’s a little hard having one so young be so independent in this area as she doesn’t quite understand that it’s important to also wipe. πŸ˜‰ And, her motor skills have to catch up to do it well. Getting her to call to us to help is a challenge…as I said, she’s an independent sort. πŸ˜‰


11/3 Can’t believe I’m starting our 4th Kombucha batch already! We have two jars going now. It brews a little more slowly in our cool house I think than I’ve read others write but once it’s ready it’s gone! After this month, I won’t be recording any more. I just want to get a sense of how long it was taking and just how much we’d be needing, etc.

11/5 5th started.

11/8 6th.

11/11 Co-op order arrived.

11/14 7th. Peeled off and started a new “baby.”

11/16 8th. The original switched.

11/23 9th.

11/25 10th.


11/11 Snow = 3″ (approx.)

11/22 Snow = 3″ (approx.)

11/26 Snow = 2″

11/29 – 30 12″ over two days!!

Total Snow = 20″

And, a couple of pics:

During this month’s heavy snowfall.

One of our lovely winter sunsets.

‘Til next time,

October in Review

(Officially typed 01/08/10)


10/22 Oldest DD 14th birthday!! πŸ™‚ Continually amazed at how fast the years are flying… 😦

10/31 Happy Reformation Day!


10/30 L.’s 12th tooth (Approx. – within a day or two.) (right lateral incisor bottom) I think after this I’m going to stop tracking except to look in her mouth occasionally and say, “Yup, there’s another.” She now has most of them with no problems, etc.


See workout blog. Link in the sidebar.


10/02 Everyone sick except B. and Mama. Rest and movie day for the invalids.

10/03 – 08 Me sick too.

10/16 Finally feeling better – sickness as well as other “problems.”

10/18 Feeling more “normal.”


10/15 1rst Kombucha started!

10/20 First Kombucha finished – it is wonderful! We all love it! Too bad it seems to ferment slowly in our house. Probably because it’s always on the “cool” side – anything above 65°F and I start to feel uncomfortable – especially if I’m doing heavy housekeeping! Anyhow, 2nd Kombucha started and we’re really looking forward to drinking more of it! (A special thanks to Wardeh for hooking me up with her friend Jamie who shared a scoby with me! πŸ™‚ )

10/29 3rd Kombucha started. Double batch this time as we can’t get enough of it and our scoby already had a baby. Wow, that was fast. πŸ˜‰

Also, I’ve done the sourdough thang, the milling/soaking thang, the kefir thang, the sprout thang and (above) the kombucha thang. Well, lately I’ve been getting more into this thang…

Yup, the fermenting thang. A la <a href="Nourishing Traditions. We’ve just done a few batches of sauerkraut so far. I think this is our third batch above done with cabbage, onions and carrots. Yummy! We love it!! I’ll be branching out with other veggies as soon as I can get some more containers…


10/18 Bonfire @ Grace’s house. (Forgot my camera – no pics. 😦 )

10/21 Me and my older girls traveled out to Nelchina (pronounced Nel-chee-na) with some other ladies from our church for a ladies prayer meeting at a member’s house. While it may be more than “recreation”, it certainly was a wonderful break from our everyday routine! Encouraging and refreshing – I love the ladies of our church!


10/05 Snow = 2″

10/06 Snow = 3″

10/09 – 10/10 We had an incredible wind storm in the night! Took down 5 trees around our property. One was a huge spruce right next to the house on the west side. God’s wonderful providence prevented it from crashing down on our daughters room or the neighbor’s boat! Really, it was amazing that it came down exactly in the only clear path it had! We’re really thanking God for that! One tree did come down on our Suburban but it was smallish and hit only the right back corner. A small dent and no windows broken. Again, thanking God! Two trees near the garage were left leaning over it – one almost touching – that we had to cut down. Sadly the last tree the storm took was our beloved crabapple tree. 😦 It was always so pretty in the spring with it’s profusion of blooms and we so enjoyed the hundreds of apples it gave us in the fall. Broke it right in half. Luckily, there were two sucker branches near the break so husband cleaned it up/trimmed it and we shall see what next spring/summer bring. Hoping it’s saved!

10/10 Temp. reaches 60°F in sun, snow all gone in p.m.

10/12 Snow = 3″

10/14 Snow = 2″

(Did you notice the snow came back in the exact reverse amounts?! πŸ™‚ )

Now some pics from this month…

First snow of the year! (What the backyard looked like in about 20 minutes.)

Our poor ‘lil apple tree. 😦 And, see those spruce trees in the background? They didn’t used to lean like that… (No, the wind wasn’t still blowing either!)

Look at all the apples still left on the tree! Now, imagine all the windfalls! Hundreds of them! We are devastated at the loss. Not of these – we salvaged these – the future potential loss. 😦

A ‘lil girl pickin’ apples.

A young boy pickin’ apples.

Sisters pickin’ apples. ♥♥

And a wild visitor gets what’s left!

(As you can see, the storm got rid of the first snow fall but it was back in a couple of days in the pic with the moose.)

That wraps up this rather lengthy post. Thanks for sticking with me. πŸ™‚

‘Til next time,

~*~14 Years!~*~

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my eldest!

I could go on and on about how sweet and responsible you are. How caring and quick to help others. So many wonderful qualities… But my heart and mind are so full of emotion and memories, regrets and hopes, that it’s hard to write.

I’m trying to remember to enjoy every precious moment I have left with you as a “child” in my home… The years are so fleeting and I fail so often.

Mother loves you more than she can express. God bless you and keep you and may you always have a close walk with Him.


September in Review

Officially posted 3/20/09


9/08 C.’s 10th bday! πŸ™‚


9/24 Found a nest w/ 6 eggs and some bits of shell. Don’t know how old but floated them/opened them. All fine and were used.


9/10-11 Trip to Glenallen. Camped out in the ‘Burban. That was an experience… πŸ™„

9/18 – 20 Seward & Soldotna

9/25 – 26 Family in Seward except me. Strange…haven’t been alone in years… Baby so big now. :-/


9/23 Woke to the first frost.

9/26 – 29 Gradually heavier frosts. Really frosty on the 29th.


I leave you all with some wildlife pictures from our drive to Glenallen/Chitna.

Great Horned Owl at dh’s old family homestead in Kenny Lake.

Trumpeter Swans in Chitna, AK

Dall Sheep outside of Chitna, AK

Until next time,

Update & a Bday

Got a “new” computer. Working on getting it set up/familiar with it, etc. Also, have to get internet connection back at the house. Updating with wi-fi at the moment…

DD #3 turns 10yrs today!

~*~HAPPY BIRTHDAY Dear C.!!!~*~

We love love you much! πŸ˜€


August in Review

Officially posted 1/14/09


8/02 – 8/05 L. has really begun to walk! Not just two or three steps but sustained walking! On the 4th, she walked from the pantry all through the kitchen and dining area to the fireplace without falling down! πŸ™‚ Wow, my baby officially isn’t such a baby any more…

8/09 L. is 16 months today!


8/28 W.’s bday!


8/07 New 3 basin sink installed in kitchen. Yay! Now washing those big pots our large family uses so often will be so much easier since one basin is deeper than average.

Well, so far, this has been the shortest update. I wasn’t need as much in the shop although I did do a lot of knife cleaning and packing in the house. This month we did a lot of school – what I would consider more our normal work load. Lots to catch up on and keep ahead in (ha!) if possible. Take the opportunities when we can as things can get a little topsy-turvy here on a moments notice… πŸ˜› Oh, and I had a couple of health concerns that made me rest a lot (good thing I wasn’t needed in the shop as much!) that I’ll keep personal. Not very many pictures to share either. I did a “photo shoot” with L. for her “baby” portraits and there are a few pictures of the children in the kiddy pool, bouncy horses, swings, etc. but that would become redundant for you here. Maybe next month…

Until next time,

July in Review

Officially posted 1/12/09


7/08 E.’s “Golden Birthday” – wrote a separate post.


7/2 8 eggs found in a nest outside! We knew they to still be laying but looked in all the likely (previous) places and couldn’t find it. We finally did…and unfortunately all the eggs are rotten!! :sick:

7/12 1 (M)


7/03 L.’s 6th & 7th teeth! 6 – right top lateral incisor, 7 – right bottom first molar.

7/17 L.’s 8th tooth! Right bottom first molar.


7/01 2 bear came through the backyard. Youngish…probably siblings that have recently left their mother.

7/02 The bears were in the backyard again. Saw only one but could tell there was another hanging around in the shadows.

Another short update/review. Business keeping us busy per usual. Don’t despair…I leave you with a photo sampling from this month…which shows we did have some fun despite having our noses to the grindstone. πŸ˜‰

Fun on the swings!

Fun in the grass!

Alaskan Wild Rose

A bit of gardening…Yum!

Boys in the trees!

Girls in the flowers!

Reminders of God’s promises!
Double rainbows over our house!
(In the right hand corner, you can see the second faintly.)

Recent backyard visitor!

Until next time,

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