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I don’t want to…

but I’m going to have to.

This blog takes up too much web space on our site. Precious space for the business. We’ve been having trouble with the site crashing and I finally realized it’s a space issue. So, this blog has to go from here. I’ve already imported posts and comments over to the WordPress site that I chose this summer. I have a little more work to do on it – sidebars, etc. – and then I’m going to officially delete this blog. Hate to…but have to. Love having it self-hosted…but the business comes first. I hope that everything transferred well. As I said months ago, I can’t stand the thought of losing so much past info. I do know I have some duplicate posts over there that I’ll have to spend time sorting through. Didn’t think the transfer was working so I clicked again and, well, that was a mistake. Anyhow, this is fair warning for anyone still reading here. This blog will no longer exist here soon and, if you still want to keep up with us, you’ll have to pop over HERE to do so.

Thanks for reading and stay in touch!


Blogging is about to get easier…

I have another “new” to me computer…finally! Been waiting for it for a while. I’ve actually had it about two weeks already – a laptop even – but it was unusable for approx. a week of that. I kid you not…within 24hrs of having picked it up, the harddrive blew!! We had turned it on the night I brought it home to just take a look at it, get a little feel for it, see if it would play a movie all right, etc. and then turned it off. Took all of maybe 15min. on it. The next morning I plugged it in, turned it on and was really excited to start using it. Inserted my mobile Internet device, it started to do it’s thing – install, etc. Then, I plugged in my external harddrive because I wanted to start transferring info right away. Within 30sec of having done so, *kablooey* (as my 10yo boy likes to say 😉 )!! The screen is blank and I can’t get it to do anything. Into DOS I go…says I have 0gb and no harddrive is installed. WHAT?!?! Dang. Get on the phone to the computer company and they confirm it’s toast. *ack* The person I got it from I trust implicitly and she says she hardly used it. I believe her so it was a real bummer. Guess it was just too old (6yrs) to handle new tech. {roll eyes} $100 to fix the last one (didn’t) for a new memory card…will be $100 for this one too for new harddrive. Decisions, decisions. Finally, it was decided to fix the laptop as it’s nicer, (more than likely – didn’t know the person that had the desktop) has had less use, is probably newer (didn’t check date of desktop), etc. I want the portability too. So, takes a few days, but dh gets it down to the computer shop and has a new harddrive put it. Not the one I wanted but it’ll do. So, I reload everything and then comes updates. Bah! Took me *four days* to finally get all the updates downloaded and installed! Finally, the computer looks right, acts right, etc., etc.!! I’m so happy!! 😀

All that to say, I’ll finally have normal functionality and that will make typing, sharing pictures, links, everything much easier. I’ll bore you by getting back to updating a year’s worth of monthly updates. 😉 Hey, family posterity takes precedence! Ok, ok, I might throw a business update or two in there as well. Maybe some current homeschool stuff… You get the idea. I’ll be back to same ole, same ole again. I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

Finding the time will be the (only) trick now…

‘Til next time,

Blog Disappearance!

This is copied/pasted from a temporary blog I set up thinking this one was long gone…

New Home on the Web – 9/29/10

As much as I hate to say it, this is our new blog home on the web. Not that I don’t like WordPress or anything – I do! I used WordPress on our other self-hosted blog. But, that blog, the business website, that hosting company, is apparently gone. Gone without notice. 7 years worth of blog history plus all business contacts GONE. I did back up everything a while ago. Can’t remember how long. Can’t find it on one external drive and will be checking another soon. Not that I think I can extract the info… I backed it all up in case something like this should occur. Well, not exactly this but some unforeseen disaster. Anyhow, I’m pretty bummed about it still. The children and I had fun looking back over old posts occasionally. I keep a record of things on the calendar and, of course, pictures. But, I’m not a great “diary keeper” and the old blog was essentially just that.

As you can see, there are some “ancient” posts before this one. Long before we had private hosting, I had a free site and then tried Blogger. I never deleted the blogger posts and so was able to transfer them here. It’s something…but compared to what was lost, it’s almost nothing. I’m not going to mope about it too long. I am a little ticked though and grieved a bit. It will pass eventually…

I don’t remember off the top of my head all that I had in my sidebar or blogroll, etc. but I’ll do my best over time to add back what I can. (Feel free to remind me of things in a comment if you want.)

So, that’s my first official post here…a rant and a lament. Off to a good start huh? Hopefully, it will feel like home sooner rather than later. (I already miss doing my own html/css, etc.)

Needless to say, I’m thrilled this website/blog is back, that the info is not lost!! It was a little distressing to have the business info gone and no way for anyone to place online orders. People could call or email but there was no way for people to see product, shipping info, etc. And, entering the holiday season! Anyhow, we are relieved although still perplexed. You can be sure I’ll be backing everything up again just in case and then making a note in my binder as to where the info is this time! Just so long as I have it, I can figure out how to transfer when the time comes…if it comes to that.

I’m still working with an aged/decrepit computer so I can’t promise when I’ll get back to more interesting posts. I did have a nicer older computer given to me a few days ago but within 24hrs the hard drive blew. I tell you…the irony about kills me sometimes…. Both computers given to us within the last year would be about $100 each to fix. The second one might be worth it. We’ll see.

Must end this rather rambling post. So glad to be back “home” though! 🙂

‘Til next time,

ps – Should this blog ever become defunct again, you can find us at:


I haven’t been around much as I’ve been sick. Most of the children (and dh – briefly) were sick last week with colds/upper respiratory crud and recovered pretty quickly. Me and a couple of the other children were the last to get it and even had hope that we wouldn’t as everyone seemed pretty close to 100% better before we even showed any signs. Whatever it was hit me harder than anyone. I think it may be because of a case of pneumonia I had a few years ago…everything seems to go straight to my lungs and wipes me out with fatigue.

I also haven’t been posting as I’ve had to go back to using the old decrepit laptop. *ugh* Using this thing is sooo annoying. Really aggravating. To keep my blood pressure down, I avoid it as much as possible. So, while I had been writing those catch-up posts, I haven’t been doing anything with them because adding pictures is a pain. A real pain. So are posts with pictures of our new knives. Thus, I’ve been quiet.

I’m hoping for another new old computer soon. When it happens, I’ll be back more frequently.

It’s been pretty dreary and rainy here weather-wise and we’ve been busy with the business so nothing too exciting to report anyway. In fact, it’s kinda Dullsville…you know, all work and no play…

Hope everyone else is having a good summer!

‘Til next time,

Summer, Books and Amazon

Hi Everyone!

Just a quick note to say I’m writing those catch up posts a little here and a little there. Things are quite busy for us in the summer what with the business and the fact we practically live outdoors all summer enjoying our freedom!

I got your comment Rebekah! Thanks for staying in touch!

If you haven’t noticed, our book lists in the sidebar have exploded! Guess we haven’t been too busy to find time to read. 😉 Summer lends itself to lolling in the grass with a good read just as a winter fire in the fireplace does! None of us can imagine never having something to read or never a minute or two to flip open our books! (or mags, etc.) In the car, on the swing, sitting on a log, lying on the deck or even sanding handles (!), all of us (that have learned so far) always have something to read close by. (Even those that haven’t learned to read yet are frequently found looking at their picture books!) Or, books on tape/cd. I love how we fit in knowledge or imagination into our days this way! So, what are you reading this summer hmmm? 😉

I’ve been squeezing in a little gardening too. Far from what I want to be doing…but I’m not complaining. I’m thankful for what little bit we having growing at the moment considering circumstances/situation as it is.

If you are still with me after that bit of a ramble, I’ll get to the Amazon part of my title now. I have been using Swagbucks for some time. I love it! Mostly, I’ve been letting the SBs accumulate and then redeeming them for Amazon online gift cards. I made an order a few months ago (yay – free $$$ to spend! Yes, it’s legit. 😉 ) and was very pleased with how it all worked out. Very pleased! My Amazon cards have now been stacking up as I’m a choosy shopper/very frugal and I just haven’t decided what I want to get. (Both needs and wants are more numerous than the SBs just like with real $ unfortunately. *sigh*) Anyhow, I think I’m closer to deciding and this time I want to link up with someone and benefit them with my purchase as well. You can’t get a commission on your on purchases through your own affiliate links (bummer huh?!) and so I wasn’t really thinking about it when I ordered last. This time though I want to partner up with someone – I’ll use your link if you’ll use mine!! I know I could stop by a blog here or there and find someone’s to use…but what I really want is to benefit someone who is interested and cares about our family and helping us out and doing the same for them! So, if you read here and have an Amazon affiliate link and would commit to using mine in return, I’d like to hear from you! If you have used it, let me know what date you placed an order and I’d be happy to return the favor the next time I make a purchase. If there is more than one person interested, I’ll do a rotation of links. How does that sound? Any takers? Again, if you didn’t catch the addendum to my last post, I unknowingly chose a template that doesn’t show comments. I can see them through admin but they don’t show for everyone else. So, don’t hesitate to leave one regarding this – I’ll be able to read it!

Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

‘Til next time,

PS – Here is a quick link again to Amazon or you can click on the affiliate button in the sidebar under Sponsors. Thanks!

The Blog is Back!

I’m so glad to have this blog restored! I’ve missed blogging! (Despite not being very good at keeping up with it regularly.) However, it will take a while longer to get the look of it restored. I can deal with bare bones design just being relieved that none of the data is lost!

Soooo, if anyone is still hanging in there with me, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

6/15 – It’s taken me a few days to realize I chose a theme that doesn’t show comments. I can still view them via admin but the rest of you can’t. When I get some extra time (haaa-haaa), I’ll try to find another theme I like that has comments available to everyone. Until then, don’t hesitate to “talk” to me. To do so, click on the title of the post and there will be a reply form at the bottom. Encouragement is always welcome! 😉

‘Til next time,


This blog will be disappearing again while I upload the old version. Nice of me to warn you this time huh? There just isn’t enough room on the server to support both. I’ll probably start in a couple of days. Can’t wait to resume the catch up I was doing and move on to more current posts!

Wish me luck!

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