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Wick Giveaway

I really enjoyed the Wick series by Michael Bunker which I read in Kindle format. (The first is “free forever”, the others are $2.99 It makes “cents” to get the Omnibus edition though if you haven’t read any of them yet.) I would like to have a hard copy and entered this giveaway for a chance to. Apparently, it’s revised and expanded, but my budget is tight and I don’t want to spring for another version if I don’t have to. 😉

Good luck to the rest of you if you decide to enter as well!

‘Til next time,

PS – The above post includes Affiliate links.

Shop Amazon Much?

Then you will really be interested in this giveaway!

Enter here!

Coconut Peanut Butter Giveaway

Jennifer at Make Money Work Online is having a giveaway for a jar of Tropical Traditions Coconut Peanut Butter! I think this would be interesting to try. Go here to enter as well!

Raw Honey Giveaway

Angela at The Suburban Jungle is giving away a jar of raw organic Tropical Traditions honey! Go here to enter!

ps – I’ve been writing catch-up posts…I really have. Jan. – May are done and waiting for pics. That’s where I get bogged down. This mouse glitch really makes it annoying to cut/paste…plus, I get wrapped up in looking at them remembering and before I know it my blogging time is gone. So many it’s hard to choose exactly what to share as well. Anyhow, if I can manage to get up early again one of these days, I could squeeze in a bit more time to get these accomplished. Look for them eventually…

Modest Long Skirt Giveaway

Kim at Inashoe is having a great giveaway for a modest long skirt!

Stop by here to check it out!

Spring Giveaway #5

What?! Not another tissue tote?!

Nope. 😉

For the final giveaway prize, I have a copy of my favorite devotional time guide!

It is the upcoming May 2009 issue. By the time it arrives in the mail, you may be a few days behind but you can double up on readings and be caught up in no time.

Tabletalk is published by Ligonier Ministries and, not only does it have great devotional entries, there are many wonderful in depth articles as well.

It would be a pleasure to introduce a new reader to this superb publication! 🙂

Again, follow the rules in my introductory Spring Giveaway post and…

Happy commenting!

Spring Giveaway #4

Brace yourselves… Here’s another handmade *sparkly* tissue tote!

A little different than the others as it’s black – how chic! 😉

Silver cross confetti adds the glitz!

Perfect for your purse or diaper bag to protect your tissues in a pretty way!

(A standard thin sized travel tissue pack will fit into it but is not included.)

Remember to follow the rules in the Spring Giveaway intro post.

Commenting begins…NOW!

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