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Recent Finished Project

Took a break from a larger craft project to do this. I needed a “quick fix” – a project I could finish relatively fast so I could have a sense of accomplishment since the other was moving along slowly.



No pattern to share. Just made it up as I crocheted. 🙂

What projects are you working on?

‘Til next time,

5th Scrapghan Finished!

In about as many years! I can’t believe how time has flown since I made the first one and lots of changes have transpired in our lives. One day (maybe) I’ll catch all that up here… In the mean time, I’ll keep it simple.

The 1rst finished 12/07:

Given to second son.

The 2nd finished 3/09:

Given to first son.

The 3rd finished 2/11:

Given to first daughter. She actually asked if I could make it all pink and I indeed had enough skeins of various pink shades to do so. It wasn’t until after I had it finished and the picture taken that I realized that dark one looked out of place. Oh well. She was delighted with it and that’s what counts!

The 4th finished 10/12:

Given to second daughter.

The 5th finished 1/07/13!

Given to third daughter. (Excuse the wall and blanket on the right. I was in the middle of painting my room and we don’t have window coverings for this house yet. Actually, we don’t really need them with all the privacy we have now. 😀 Mostly, the blanket was there to block drafts during our “deep freezes” of -50°F or more!)

On to saving/collecting/scrounging more yarn. Only four more to go! 😀

2nd Scrapghan Finished

I finished up my older son’s scrapghan this past Sunday night and he immediately put it to good use although I had planned to give it to him for his birthday. 😉 He said, “It’s the best Mom! I couldn’t have gotten anything better!” LOL What a great son I have! 😀

I’m so thankful that he and his siblings are made so happy by simple and/or handmade gifts.
♥ ♥ ♥

Until next time,

Today (Simple Woman’s Daybook)

Courtesy of The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…3″ of new snow, blue sky, bright sunshine. Clouds are supposed to be gathering soon though.

I am thinking…how nice it would be to get back into some sort of a routine…to find a happy balance in housework, homeschool, home business and fun time.

I am thankful for…a warm strong house. Last week’s storm is still fresh in my mind. That although we lost our crabapple tree (for the most part), the other trees that fell didn’t damage the house and the damage to the Suburban is minimal!

From the kitchen…we had a yummy brunch of kefir soaked gluten-free oats with fresh homemade crabapplesauce drizzled with honey and Cheesy Potato Spinach Bake. More crabapplesauce is being processed today. Dinner is still being decided. I’m looking forward to making my first batch of kombucha sometime this week too – as soon as my scoby gets here! I’m excited!

I am wearing…a black and white plaid flannel skirt, white tshirt, black apron and dark multi-colored Sketchers. My hair is in a bun.

I am creating…no sewing/craft projects right now. I’m working on cleaning out my craft closet and rediscovering a bunch of goodies that are inspiring me to start crafting again soon!

I am going…to stay at home today where it’s cozy and I’m content!

I am reading…lots! Reference my sidebar to the right. 😉

I am hoping…to make some progress again soon on our remodeling projects. Our flooring is a disaster and nice flooring would be such a blessing before the holidays! There’s so much more to it than what’s stated… It would make our home so much more liveable and comfortable for our own family and it would open my heart and mind to being more hospitable to others. Things I’ve been desiring for some time…

I am hearing…the radio in the garage and my dh working out there with our two sons because he has the door propped open.

Around the house…things are in disarray throughout the house because we’ve all been extremely sick for more than a week and are still recovering. However, today we are attempting to get back into a routine and slowly but surely getting certain areas in order again. Desperately seeking order again!

One of my favorite things…the big bear hugs my 18 month little girl loves to lavish on me! *melt* 🙂

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Continuing to bring order to my home, mailing out a business order that’s been on hold since we’ve been sick, getting lesson plans caught up and more planned out, visiting with my parents after my mom’s surgery (if we are all well)…goodness knows there’s much I’m not thinking of at the moment…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Success! Homemade naturally fermented sauerkraut with homegrown veggies. The children can’t get enough! 😀

New Cloth Pads

Okay, here are the new cloth pads I finished recently.

Again, these are from recycled materials and simply zig-zag stitched around the edge. My serger still isn’t up and running yet. It’s an older model that I don’t have a manual for and it has a broken piece that I need to fix. I’ve done a bit of looking online for a manual but so far haven’t come up with anything. So once I’ve gotten all that squared away, I think the pads will look even nicer. I’m definitely happy with them already though so no biggy. Also, the pads don’t have snaps on them and I do intend to add those as well. I have an old snap tool that dh has had for the longest time (inherited no doubt from his mother when she moved) that has been languishing in some leather crafting stuff of his in the shop. When I said I wanted to go to the craft store to get a snap tool, he pulled it out and showed it to me asking if would work. I don’t know at this point…I think I’ll still have to go to the craft store just to compare it, etc. It doesn’t have a brand name on it that I can see except the words “E-Z Buckle” which isn’t a brand I don’t think just the name of the tool of whatever brand it is (if that makes sense). The pads work ok without the snap – at least so far as I’ve just been home while using them and didn’t do anything too active such as hiking, etc. I’m sure I want the added security of the snap though so that research is amongst the top of my list of things to do.

♥ oxoxox ♥

I’m Hooked!

I just finished up some new cloth pads and I just had to state for the record – I’m hooked! I finally perfected my pattern, I had fun sewing them and I love wearing them! I don’t have time to download pictures off my camera right now but when I do I’ll share some of the pads. If you’ve ever thought about wearing them or making them, give it a go! They really are more comfortable (not to mention better health wise) and sewing them is pretty simple. 🙂

♥ oxoxox ♥

Crafty Post

Updated 6/19/08 to add missing pics.

I’ve had this post languishing in draft form for a couple of months. Thought this was a good time to revive it while I’m still reviving myself. 😉

Here are pictures of things I’ve finished since Christmas last year in the order in which they were finished.

Scrap-ghan for 4yo ds (now 5yo). I had posted about it last fall when I had the squares finished but not connected. It is spread across my queen size bed so, as you can see, it definitely came out a good size for a growing boy. 🙂

Narrower fitted dipes for baby.
(photo added)

Reversible Winter Headband for SIL. (I also made some hair scrunchies along with this that ended up not getting photographed…oh well.)

Prairie Dress and Pinafore for 9yo dd.

T-shirt Dresses for all 5 girls plus matching tshirts for the boys. Baby L.’s is not shown because I shared a pic in a previous post last fall. The boys t-shirts are also not shown as they are just a basic t-shirts dyed the same color as the girls and in the laundry anyway when I took this one. 😉 They all wore them for Easter and now they are regular everyday play dresses.
(photo added)

A doll afghan for 3yo dd for her birthday.
(Sorry no photo yet. It’s not quite finished. Still have to finish putting the squares together. Guess it will have to have it’s own post when I’m finally done.)

I didn’t miss not having internet connection so much this past winter as I missed being crafty and renewed my efforts in those areas. Now that summer is here and school work is slowing down and business is hopping and I’m on the computer more, I expect I won’t be as crafty through the summer months. A season for everything…

♥ oxoxox ♥

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