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Crafty Post

Updated 6/19/08 to add missing pics.

I’ve had this post languishing in draft form for a couple of months. Thought this was a good time to revive it while I’m still reviving myself. πŸ˜‰

Here are pictures of things I’ve finished since Christmas last year in the order in which they were finished.

Scrap-ghan for 4yo ds (now 5yo). I had posted about it last fall when I had the squares finished but not connected. It is spread across my queen size bed so, as you can see, it definitely came out a good size for a growing boy. πŸ™‚

Narrower fitted dipes for baby.
(photo added)

Reversible Winter Headband for SIL. (I also made some hair scrunchies along with this that ended up not getting photographed…oh well.)

Prairie Dress and Pinafore for 9yo dd.

T-shirt Dresses for all 5 girls plus matching tshirts for the boys. Baby L.’s is not shown because I shared a pic in a previous post last fall. The boys t-shirts are also not shown as they are just a basic t-shirts dyed the same color as the girls and in the laundry anyway when I took this one. πŸ˜‰ They all wore them for Easter and now they are regular everyday play dresses.
(photo added)

A doll afghan for 3yo dd for her birthday.
(Sorry no photo yet. It’s not quite finished. Still have to finish putting the squares together. Guess it will have to have it’s own post when I’m finally done.)

I didn’t miss not having internet connection so much this past winter as I missed being crafty and renewed my efforts in those areas. Now that summer is here and school work is slowing down and business is hopping and I’m on the computer more, I expect I won’t be as crafty through the summer months. A season for everything…

♥ oxoxox ♥

“Recent” Projects

Updated 12/08/07 – Added pic and forgot to say that it is a crocheted afghan…or “scrapghan” rather as it is made from left over yarn from various other projects or I’ve “inherited”, etc.. Totally random in color and layout. Very fun for a little boy! πŸ™‚
I started work on this blanket when I was still pregnant…back at the end of Feb./beginning of March I think. I had intended for it to be a birthday gift for 2nd son but, alas, a month wasn’t quite long enough to finish it. The end of pg was the perfect time to work on it as all I wanted to do was rest my weary body all day but I just wanted it bigger than I had time for…so, I’ve worked on it off and on since then and now near Christmas I think it’s gotten big enough to give as a Christmas gift. He knows I’m working on it, he just doesn’t know it’s for him. The sweet little guy always points out which square or squares he likes best when I lay it out and then eagerly asks if I can make him a blanket when I’m done with this one! With his big round eyes, endearing lisp and excitement in his voice, any mother would have a hard time resisting! So, this one is for my dear sweet innocent son who is growing so fast…so fast I probably don’t have much longer to have him ask me for things like this so enthusiastically! *sigh* Although, my 7yo son is asking me for one too… I’m not taking any chances. They’ll both get one! But, this one has been earmarked for second son for quite a while, so him first. πŸ˜‰

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December in Review

December’s post…finally! Sorry, I just haven’t been able to be online. I’ll leave this as a sticky for awhile and then drop it down chronologically. January is coming too I promise…hopefully sooner rather than later. But, we’ll see. *sigh*

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Recent Apron

I just had to share a recent apron I made for a customer.

It’s become the favorite by far of all the ones I’ve made! I could just picture it with a khaki skirt, a dark red long sleeve shirt, some old fashioned boots… Of course, being pg, and rather large *already* {groan}, I felt like a huge red bubble when I tried it on. πŸ™„ But, I loved it so much, I wanted to keep it for my own! I’m on a quest to find a similar fabric now because I bought the last of the bolt with *just enough* to make this one…

Anyway, I was just so pleased I thought you all might like to take a look too. πŸ™‚

Autumn Colors Afghan

Here is the afghan I finished a while back done in autumn colors. It is a “scrap-ghan/lap-ghan” in that I used only yarn that I had available and ended up with just enough for a throw size. (I had a 2½ inch piece of yarn left – I kid you not! 😯 )

The full afghan.

Close up.

Stitch detail.

This afghan now graces my sil’s house as it matches her decor and was, obviously, the perfect birthday gift!

If anyone is interested in hiring my services though, I can make a similar one (any size, any color) to grace your home or a friend/relatives πŸ˜‰

Hmmm. cozy! In fact, I was sorely tempted to keep this one for myself!! πŸ˜€

9 Patch Squares Finished

I finished the 9 patch squares I was putting together for a baby quilt. All are arranged a little differently but here’s a general idea…

These are very special squares as they are made from ones that dh’s grandmother cut out (“old school” methods – no rotary cutters and fancy see-through rulers, etc. so they are not quite “square” and the corners didn’t come together precisely…although I have no doubt she would have been able to do it! πŸ™‚ I didn’t want to “adjust” them in any way…wanted to have them just the way she did)…she passed away last July. I inherited a bunch of her sewing supplies and fabrics. I found these in one of the fabric bags already cut out. I did have to suppliment with a patch or two of my own fabric in the last three squares as hers ran out. She was a wonderful quilt maker…her speciality being appliquing cute characters onto each of her great-grandbabies baby quilts she made for them. Her grandchildren received tied quilts made from various fabrics. My sil’s quilt is a wonderful large quilt made from wool scraps. Dh’s quilt is from durable polyester square scraps (it was made in the late 70’s or early 80’s ;-)) and is very large to accomodate his large 6’4″ frame. She has several others that were distributed amongst the family and we ended up with three others…of which is a wonderul tied one made of wool squares. The great-grandbabies (or later grandchildren’s) quilts are so cute. I’ll have to share pics of our children’s… Our last child did not receive one as she was too sick to complete it. I do have the fabric and supplies she chose for it though… I wonder if I’ll ever be able to put it together in her “style” and do her justice…!!! Until I feel more confident, I’ve lovingly stored them away in my craft closet. I actually started these squares before becoming pregnant and thought I would sell the quilt when it was finished. I have since changed my mind although I don’t think these scraps had sentimental/significant meaning to her. (They weren’t from grandpa’s army uniform, etc. I have even found fabric scraps from a couple of dresses she made my sil when she was my oldest daughter’s age!!!) The are special to me now and will be especially if this new baby is a girl…because this just looks like a baby girl combination to me. πŸ˜‰ If it’s a girl, it will be hers…from her great-grandma E. She’ll be getting hers before her older brother! πŸ˜‰ If not, I’ll give it to my oldest daughter for her first child…from her great-great grandmother…in a sense. I’m going to be putting these away for a while because I haven’t quite decide how I want to procede. What color strips to put between each square, what I want for backing, do I want to tie it or hand vs. machine quilting, etc. It will come to me…with time…

I think I need to leave off this subject before I really flood the keyboard for my tears. Although she wasn’t my grandmother, I was closer to her than my own…although I only knew her for about 13 yrs…which is, sadly, not very long when I think of it…I miss her a lot.

ps – I decided not to try to finish M.’s pinafore before Easter. All us girls have coordinated (not “matching” but coordinated! ;-)) outfits from last year and everybodies dresses still fit. So, we will wear those again…to make things simpler on Mama. πŸ˜‰


Yesterday was the first “snow-free” day we’ve had in about a week. It snowed all day the 28th, 29th and 30th. Heavy, light and barely perceptable…but it kept right on snowing. I lost track of the inches and I don’t even want to try to guess… Anyway, it was sunny yesterday but cold. Not the “Springish” feeling days we were having before the snow storm last week. Last night it was around -10F. This morning, at 6am when I got up, it was at 0F. I’m not sure what it is now…I’m afraid to look! LOL The children were excited to play outside yesterday because it “looked so nice” but I think the temps were only in the teens or hi 20’s. It is sunny out there right now…breaking over the mountains behind us. Again, it *looks* nice out there… Hope it warms up!

The potato starts I started a week ago or so are doing wonderfully. It’s a race now to see if we will have decent weather to put them out into by the time they are “too big.” I started a Braeburn apple seed too…found with a nice little root while we were eating an apple a week or so ago too. We’ll see what happens with the little thing.

We are finally wrapped up with some homeschool things that I wanted wrapped up before the end of December last year. Our academic schedule has really taken a beating with all the sickness we’ve had around here. Math is over with for the year. I’ve decided I won’t move them into their new levels like I had been planning in January. It’s just too late in the season. Since today is April 1rst, that means, Lord-willing, Spring will be here at the end of the month and we all will have too much Cabin and Spring Fever to make any progress to speak of. I did get in some new books for history. We had been trying to make do with ones from the library but, again, with the sicknesses we’ve had, it wasn’t working out. They always seemed to have to be back before we had quite gotten to where we needed to be. So, I went ahead and purchased what we needed. So, we will be hopefully wrapping up Egypt/Old Testament studies this month thankfully. We are all a little tired of this time period… It’s taken longer than expected because of all the interuptions but I don’t want to drop it…they are getting a lesson in perserverence and completing a task as well! πŸ™‚ We’ll be throwing in some elementary science experiments from one of the new books and continuing with our phonics/spelling/grammar that we have been doing (again, off and on) and adding a bit of writing (creative) too…introducing the basics anyway so that our summer adventures can make it on to paper a little more mechanically correct. πŸ˜‰

I haven’t touched the guest/sewing room yet and that reminds me I wanted to have M.’s pinafore done in time for Easter. So, I think I’ll be spending some time in there today!!! It needs to be early though because by late afternoon/earlyevening I start to not feel too well. The nausea can usually be kept at bay as long as I’m not too tired. Which is really funny, sorta, because I always seem beat these days! Anyway, I feel great in the mornings so I need to take advantage of it!

With that I’ll wish you all a blessed day!

ps – I forgot to mention I updated my photo albums. I added a pic of our Crabapple tree to the March one and finally made one for some of our homeschool convention pics.

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