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Books Finished 2014

Here is our accomplished reading list for 2014. The children read many more books independently than are listed. They are voracious readers so the “school” list only shows the books I was actively involved in reading to or with them. Hope you find something to interest you…Happy Reading in 2015!

2014 Books Finished


Marl Fox (Feb.) ( )
Little Britches (Feb.) ( )
Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism (March) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (March) ( )
Planets (March) ( )
Sunshine Makes the Seasons (March) ( )
Planets (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
Seasons (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Lamplighter (Sep.) ( )
A Journey of Souls (Dec.) ( )
The Five Points of Calvinism (Bible) (Dec.) ( )


Eat, Pray, Love (Jan.) ( )
A Painted House (Jan.) ( )
The Dead and Gone (Jan.) ( )
This World We Live In (Jan.) ( ) Get Big Fast (Feb.) ( )
The Glass Castle (Feb.) ( )
Stranded (Feb.) (previewed for E.) ( )
“ “: Trial by Fire (Feb.) (same) ( )
Stranded: Survivors (Feb.) (same) ( )
The Shade of the Moon (Feb.) ( )
Stop Whining, Start Living (previewed for an older daughter) (March) ( )
Steve Jobs (April) ( )
The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adria’s elBulli (May) ( )
The Shell Seekers (June) ( )
Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier (June) ( )
October Sky (July) ( ) ( )
The Coalwood Way (July) ( )
Cordelia Underwood (Sep.) ( )
Sky of Stone (Sep.) ( )
Cranford (& other stories) (Nov.) ( )
If a Woman’s Hair is Her Glory… (Nov.) ( )
Below Stairs (Nov.) ( )
Daily Guideposts 2014 (Dec.) ( )
Village School (Miss Read) (Dec.) ( )
If Teacups Could Talk (Dec.) ( )
Vegetarian Celebrations (Dec.) ( )

** ADVENT ** – Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent (Dec.) ( )

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Quick Gift Idea

We have a set of these and love them!

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

Good quality and decent price!

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ps – This post contains affiliate links in which I will receive a small commission should you decide to purchase the product but will not incur additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Educating the Wholehearted Child (Review)

Note: I’m attempting to clean out my Draft box and inspire myself to blog regularly again. I originally wrote this post not long before we moved *three years ago*! (Wrote it in early December 2010 and moved January 3, 2011.) I was also 7 months pregnant! No wonder it was forgotten and left languishing so long. :-/ It’s still applicable though so that’s why I’m posting it. Why waste my thoughts and the time I spent writing them down right? 🙂

Educating the Wholehearted Child Revised & Expanded *

The above book is a wonderful resource full of great ideas and encouragement for those who are home educating or are in the first steps of deciding if it is right for their family.

I think I had the above book on my nightstand for close to three years – I kid you not – and I’m finally finished with it. No, I’m not a slow reader. And, it’s not because it wasn’t a good book. It’s just that I’m not a novice homeschool teacher any more and so I often chose to read one of the other numerous books on my list. With life the way it is for us, it just wasn’t a book I was bent on devouring. Many of the ideas in the book I’ve picked up along the way whether from websites, blogs, other books, etc. It’s a great book for those new to homeschooling and I’d recommend it! There were a few sections that inspired or reinspired me but for the most part it was kind of a downer. Again, nothing to do with the book (or the info it shared) itself…just our life. It’s been hard and I’m not able to incorporate as much of these wonderful ideas as I would have liked over the years into our world. It’s just a personal struggle mentally/emotionally. Therefore, it was hard to pick up this book and keep reading consistently. It will stay on our shelves though as a reference for my children. Perhaps they will find it useful in their homeschools. (The above link is to the older version I have. There is a newer version if you do a search once you are at Amazon.)

To be fair, I have read some other books by Sally Clarkson that I enjoyed very much and didn’t have “negative” thought processes attached to. 🙂

Just thought I’d make mention of it since it was on my reading list so long in the sidebar. I’ll move the link down into the resources section now as I do think it would a helpful book to others.

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Homeschool Books Finished

The first quarter of the school year ended not too long ago so thought I’d post this now before the list gets too unwieldy. You know how we like to read! Plus, it might be nice for you to have a break in “old news” right?


History – Renaissance/Reformation

We are technically finished this time period but there are so many good books that we have decided to continue getting a few occasionally.

History – Explorers to early 1800s

Spring is creeping up on us now and we’re looking forward to reading outside more and more often!

What have you been reading during home education time?

Ooops – More Books Finished!

I failed to included November’s books in the last book list! We didn’t do any school reading to speak of in December (mostly just Advent and Christmas type things) so it slipped my mind to check back a little farther when finishing up the completed list for the year. I had been adding them as finished until we reached the busy holiday time.

Here are the missed books:




We also read several young children’s classic books over the course of the last few months. I realized that I hadn’t been spending as much time reading to my younger set as I had to the olders when they themselves were the younger set. (Did you follow that? LOL) Anyhow, I won’t list them all – there were quite a few – but I did dig out the resource below that I had used many years ago with my olders before shelving and kind of passing over for so long to guide me again. I realize now how much I’ve missed reading to littles at their level on a regular basis and how much I’ve missed some of these books! I hope I don’t forget again. 🙂

‘Til next time, happy reading!

Homeschool Books Finished


History – Middle Ages/Reformation

Joan Of Arc (World Landmark Books)

The Escape: The Adventures of Three Huguenot Children Fleeing Persecution (Based on Historical Facts)




Journey of the Heart

Well, that about wraps up the books we read together this year for educational purposes. Of course, there are lots more not mentioned that were more in the recreational category but homeschool families tend to also read educational books recreationally…if those weren’t actually in my hands sharing them with the children then they didn’t make it on the list. 😉

Of all of the above books, I have to say I enjoyed A Journey of Souls the most. In fact, of all the books I read this year, this one was my absolute favorite – even among my “grown up” books! I cried in places. I delighted in places. All through it I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact this was history – fictionalized yes – but history never-the-less. Read this book!

I know I haven’t made many educational posts for the longest time and I don’t really have the time now but briefly I will say that we are pretty much done for the year. The older girls are continuing with their respective math curriculms. They finished at odd times and are pretty much independent of me in this area now. As long as they are making good progress, I let them plan/correct/pace themselves. They are self-motivated in this area and that makes my overall job that much easier. They are honest with themselves (and me), keep me informed on how many they miss on lessons, what areas they need help with, etc.

Anyhow, except for math, all other educational pursuits have ended and after Christmas I’ll be doing my planning for the new year. (We like to school year round and plan Jan. – Dec.)

June in Review

(Officially typed 4/24/10)

This was a month of taking it easy I suppose. I really don’t have that much to write about…it is the month before baby is due so it’s to be expected…

We’ve kept up with our school work pretty well. Mostly Bible, Math, Reading (aloud) and Science. A lot of reading living books!

I had a midwife appt. on the 11th @ 10am after which dh brought us down to the Peninsula to stay with my parents while he did some renovation on the house (kitchen in particular). While there, I ended up sick, sick, sick. *bleh* Eight months pg, staying at camp with no running water and using an outhouse. Most of the children ended up with something in varying degrees too. At least there was no throwing up…that would have been real difficult to deal with in my condition and under the circumstances! We were sleeping in the cabins and did go up to my parents house in the afternoons on most days so it wasn’t total roughing it. But still…hard on this pg lady! Most of us ended up staying a week. My dad did a quick trip up with our oldest daughter and son mid-way through to give dh some help. Son ended up sick in bed those couple of days while daughter pushed through with a sore throat and a few other mild symptoms. She ended up staying while my father and son came back down. Mean while, I spent a couple full days in bed and a couple mostly in bed while they were gone. Thank goodness for my mother and an aunt visiting from VT! They were able to watch over the children quite a bit with my second oldest daughter allowing me that much rest.

We spent Father’s Day hanging around the house just like on Memorial Day. Guess we couldn’t expect much after the week I’d just spent before it.

Hit 37 weeks at the end of the month – not long now until we meet our new little bundle of love!!

Now, this month’s pics.:

We love having so many wild visitors to our yard!

‘Til next time,

May in Review

(Officially typed 4/20/10)


5/10 Mother’s Day! Loved all the sweet handmade cards from my children and the beautiful flowers from them and dh!

5/14 Attended cousin Aimee’s high school graduation! Can not believe she’s that old… I remember my aunt and uncle bringing her home as I was living with them at the time attending college. *sigh* Why are the young ones in such a hurry to grow up?! They’re making me old! 😛

5/23 Our 17th Wedding Anniversary!! Got a dozen beautiful white roses from my dh! We’ve been through thick and thin and I love him more with each passing year!

(Anniversary surprise! Aren’t they beautiful?! )

5/25 Memorial Day – We stayed home. W. working on blue ‘Burban, me putzing – cleaning kitchen, kombucha, internet, cleaning room, gardening, etc. Children playing and helping us both.

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March in Review

(Officially typed 4/10/10)

Again, kind of a slow month…but that’s ok! I really like it when we can focus on our school work because in the spring when the business picks up again and, obviously through the summer, it’s hard to buckle down and concentrate. In the fall, we struggle getting going again and, before you know it, the holidays are here again and distracting everyone. But, that’s ok too. It’s just nice to have a time of concentrated effort although technically we school year round.

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HS – Books Finished

Books finished – through last year’s holidays to now – thus bringing this category of posts current! 🙂



History – Middle Ages


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