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May in Review

(Officially typed 4/20/10)


5/10 Mother’s Day! Loved all the sweet handmade cards from my children and the beautiful flowers from them and dh!

5/14 Attended cousin Aimee’s high school graduation! Can not believe she’s that old… I remember my aunt and uncle bringing her home as I was living with them at the time attending college. *sigh* Why are the young ones in such a hurry to grow up?! They’re making me old! 😛

5/23 Our 17th Wedding Anniversary!! Got a dozen beautiful white roses from my dh! We’ve been through thick and thin and I love him more with each passing year!

(Anniversary surprise! Aren’t they beautiful?! )

5/25 Memorial Day – We stayed home. W. working on blue ‘Burban, me putzing – cleaning kitchen, kombucha, internet, cleaning room, gardening, etc. Children playing and helping us both.

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March in Review

(Officially typed 4/10/10)

Again, kind of a slow month…but that’s ok! I really like it when we can focus on our school work because in the spring when the business picks up again and, obviously through the summer, it’s hard to buckle down and concentrate. In the fall, we struggle getting going again and, before you know it, the holidays are here again and distracting everyone. But, that’s ok too. It’s just nice to have a time of concentrated effort although technically we school year round.

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HS – Books Finished

Books finished – through last year’s holidays to now – thus bringing this category of posts current! 🙂



History – Middle Ages


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February in Review

(Officially typed 4/07/10.)

This was a rather quiet slow month. Not much to mention as we got back into a routine after the holidays and being sick. We focused mainly on our school work and, as I was still feeling rather rough with pg nausea, a lot of it took place in my room while I laid on the bed. 😛 A lot of reading!! Bible reading, history reading, science reading…you get the idea.

(It’s tough…and apparently tiring…getting back into the school groove!)

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HS – Books Finished

Note: We finished these books toward the end of summer – fall ’08


History – Medieval



Reading – Read-Aloud

Today (Simple Woman’s Daybook)

Courtesy of The Simple Woman

Outside My Window…3″ of new snow, blue sky, bright sunshine. Clouds are supposed to be gathering soon though.

I am thinking…how nice it would be to get back into some sort of a routine…to find a happy balance in housework, homeschool, home business and fun time.

I am thankful for…a warm strong house. Last week’s storm is still fresh in my mind. That although we lost our crabapple tree (for the most part), the other trees that fell didn’t damage the house and the damage to the Suburban is minimal!

From the kitchen…we had a yummy brunch of kefir soaked gluten-free oats with fresh homemade crabapplesauce drizzled with honey and Cheesy Potato Spinach Bake. More crabapplesauce is being processed today. Dinner is still being decided. I’m looking forward to making my first batch of kombucha sometime this week too – as soon as my scoby gets here! I’m excited!

I am wearing…a black and white plaid flannel skirt, white tshirt, black apron and dark multi-colored Sketchers. My hair is in a bun.

I am creating…no sewing/craft projects right now. I’m working on cleaning out my craft closet and rediscovering a bunch of goodies that are inspiring me to start crafting again soon!

I am going…to stay at home today where it’s cozy and I’m content!

I am reading…lots! Reference my sidebar to the right. 😉

I am hoping…to make some progress again soon on our remodeling projects. Our flooring is a disaster and nice flooring would be such a blessing before the holidays! There’s so much more to it than what’s stated… It would make our home so much more liveable and comfortable for our own family and it would open my heart and mind to being more hospitable to others. Things I’ve been desiring for some time…

I am hearing…the radio in the garage and my dh working out there with our two sons because he has the door propped open.

Around the house…things are in disarray throughout the house because we’ve all been extremely sick for more than a week and are still recovering. However, today we are attempting to get back into a routine and slowly but surely getting certain areas in order again. Desperately seeking order again!

One of my favorite things…the big bear hugs my 18 month little girl loves to lavish on me! *melt* 🙂

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week: Continuing to bring order to my home, mailing out a business order that’s been on hold since we’ve been sick, getting lesson plans caught up and more planned out, visiting with my parents after my mom’s surgery (if we are all well)…goodness knows there’s much I’m not thinking of at the moment…

Here is picture thought I am sharing…

Success! Homemade naturally fermented sauerkraut with homegrown veggies. The children can’t get enough! 😀

I am back!!!

Still feeling a little frazzled though…

The market season was over a couple of weekends ago so business has slowed. However, we have some new goals/products in the works so hopefully things will pick up again and will maintain through the winter.

We started a heavier workload again for homeschool a couple of weeks ago as a result of the above. But, we’ve traveled quite a few of those days so I’ll be revamping the lesson plans again already.

Today is dd #2’s bday – Happy 12th mah dear!!! You are still the challenging feisty one but I’m certain God will do great things with you! Love ya! 😀

As of today, I am also reconnected to the “outside world” again! *whoop-whoop* So good to be back and I’m looking forward to catching up with the handful of friends I may have left on the ‘Net! 😉 Come on and leave a comment so I know who are. *hint-hint* 😉

That said, I’m outta here for now. Updates will be squeezed in here and there per usual. Again, I’m still feeling a bit frazzled. 😕 While you are at it (leaving your comment telling me you were here), let me know what you would like to read about on this blog! I know that I’ve been a bit dull in the recent past compared to some of the updates I used to give and need some ideas. Are you interested in the weather? (It’s been miserable here this year. 😦 ) Our homeschooling? Our business? AK in general? Were my monthly updates of interest or not? Tell me what you’d like to know and I’ll ruminate on it and then hopefully give more of what you are looking for. 🙂


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