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Books Finished 2014

Here is our accomplished reading list for 2014. The children read many more books independently than are listed. They are voracious readers so the “school” list only shows the books I was actively involved in reading to or with them. Hope you find something to interest you…Happy Reading in 2015!

2014 Books Finished


Marl Fox (Feb.) ( )
Little Britches (Feb.) ( )
Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism (March) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (March) ( )
Planets (March) ( )
Sunshine Makes the Seasons (March) ( )
Planets (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
Seasons (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Lamplighter (Sep.) ( )
A Journey of Souls (Dec.) ( )
The Five Points of Calvinism (Bible) (Dec.) ( )


Eat, Pray, Love (Jan.) ( )
A Painted House (Jan.) ( )
The Dead and Gone (Jan.) ( )
This World We Live In (Jan.) ( ) Get Big Fast (Feb.) ( )
The Glass Castle (Feb.) ( )
Stranded (Feb.) (previewed for E.) ( )
“ “: Trial by Fire (Feb.) (same) ( )
Stranded: Survivors (Feb.) (same) ( )
The Shade of the Moon (Feb.) ( )
Stop Whining, Start Living (previewed for an older daughter) (March) ( )
Steve Jobs (April) ( )
The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adria’s elBulli (May) ( )
The Shell Seekers (June) ( )
Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier (June) ( )
October Sky (July) ( ) ( )
The Coalwood Way (July) ( )
Cordelia Underwood (Sep.) ( )
Sky of Stone (Sep.) ( )
Cranford (& other stories) (Nov.) ( )
If a Woman’s Hair is Her Glory… (Nov.) ( )
Below Stairs (Nov.) ( )
Daily Guideposts 2014 (Dec.) ( )
Village School (Miss Read) (Dec.) ( )
If Teacups Could Talk (Dec.) ( )
Vegetarian Celebrations (Dec.) ( )

** ADVENT ** – Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent (Dec.) ( )

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Valentine’s Day Fun

To go along with the new blog theme, I thought I’d help the gals at Choosing Home (or Molly if you look under my Friends links) by letting all HAH blog reader’s know of their Valentine’s Day contest. Lot’s of fun categories and neat prizes! Go participate…and good luck! 🙂

A Few of My Favorite (Holiday) Things

Plus, some minty lip balm (to keep my lips kissable for hubby 😉 ) and my yummy Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin home fragrance spray.

Oh yeah! ‘Tis the season. 😉

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June Giveaway

A Little Humor

Learn…and enjoy! 😆

Grocery Store Wars

Well…that’s a fine “howdoyoudo”!!!

Humph. We made a big jump and watched Hornblower dvd #7 last night. (#’s 3 – 6 weren’t in at the library and dh couldn’t wait 😉 ). I’m a little vague as it’s been about 3 yrs since I read the first book but I’m fairly certain that the movies were sticking to the book storyline very well. Although we’d watched only the first two based on the first book, I’m confident the second two (still based just on the first book) were going to continue so.

I can’t say if #’s 5 and 6 do…

But absolutely #’s 7 and 8 do not!!! At the beginning of the third book, he is in the middle of taking his marriage vows to Maria (which is a week later – from the ending of the second book). He’s receives orders during his marriage dinner that he has been given command of the Hotspur and sails two days later. I’m almost finished with the book but at this point it’s been 7 months, Maria is expecting their “Honeymoon” baby, etc., etc. At the end of dvd #7, which is presumablely the end of this book, he is just asking her to marry him!!! Totally detracts from the pressure, stress and concern he feels during his missions…having a new wife he doesn’t know (well) having her first pregnancy without him there and soon to have a child which Lord-knows how long it will be before he meets. Ugh!!! Then, the missions are totally changed, important scenes where some people are hurt and killed aren’t included…!!! I could go on…but I won’t.

Suffice it to say, I’m terribly disappointed. The movie is really good if you haven’t ever read the books. It can stand on it’s own as wholesome entertainment for the family. WARNING though – if you intend to read the books, do so AFTER you watch the movies, if you are anything like me. I couldn’t stand to see them butchering a great piece of writing like this! Hornblower’s adventures and personal relationships (not just w/ Maria) are wonderfully exciting and heartfelt without twisting them like this. After the mission with the semaphor, I just sat there with a grumpy look. They also didn’t portray Hornblower’s MIL in the way I perceived her in the book. Yes, she’s a bit of a biddy but she is nicer to him than the movie shows as she likes the “pestige” he has the potential of. While I could appreciate the movie for it’s own sake, my heart just wasn’t in it for the rest of the flick. I kept explaining to dh how that wasn’t right and this wasn’t right…he finally asked me to be quiet so he could enjoy the movie. 😛 (Maybe that’s partly why I was grumpy?! He wasn’t sharing in my disappointment…?! 😉 )

I thought this latest case was a two dvd set. It isn’t. So, I guess we’ll have to wait for the final installment to come in at the library. That’s ok with me. I’d rather stick to the books from now on… :

Happy Septemer 1rst! :-)

I didn’t get back here again yesterday as I had some pressing business stuff to take care of when I finally got some more computer time…plus, I stopped into to see how my friends were doing. 😉

We had a great time at the Fair on Saturday. It did not rain! Yay! And, the temp was warm enough to be comfortable without a sweater/jacket. I think the weather helped make the day. 😉 We missed a couple of the things we had on our list as we got there a ½ hour later than originally planned but they were just kind fill in things anyway. We wandered the booths, kept our eyes out for where we eventually wanted to eat lunch, checked out the 4-H exhibits, quilt exhibits, etc. then wandered over to the barn and marveled at the *huge* veggies and compared our chickies with those on display. 😉 The bunnies, etc. were popular and then we caught the Arabian Horse demostration. Wandered the booths some more, children had pony rides, had lunch, watched a wonderful one-armed juggler, saw a magic show, heard some great bluegrass music, had some lunch, saw some beautiful classic cars, *missed the human canonball 3 times!!!*, saw the lumberjack show, rode a couple of rides, children had cotton candy for the first time…and then came home pleasantly tired! 😉 LOL

The rides were a first for the children too. The two older girls went on a farris wheel type ride that has egg-shape seat cage thingys that swing upside down, etc. Both were too afraid to ride with just each other…so I had to go twice!! LOL There’s nothing like having children to make YOU braver!! LOL My nervousness was forgotten as I focused on trying to keep them from crying and/or puking…literally! BUT, they wanted to go. After all was said and done, they were very proud of themselves for overcoming their fears and honestly, not biasedly at all, they did great! Our eldest get car sick so just *before* she got on the ride she felt like she was going to be sick so her sister went first and by the time we got done she had a handle on it. 🙂 By the end of the ride, they affirmed it was fun! 🙂

Our third daughter and eldest son weren’t big enough for this ride so they went on the rollercoster together *alone*! Grammy was standing in line with them for that and I thought I’d get back before they were at the front so in case they wanted me with them on that, I’d be there. But, I wasn’t and they braved it together as Grammy didn’t want to go. 😉 Gee, thanks Gram! LOL I asked their reaction and my mother told me that my daughter was hanging on real tight but was actually laughing at times. My son was holding on *real* tight too, had eyes as big as saucers and you could tell he was clenching his teeth! Poor guy. BUT, a few minutes after it was all over, he was asking to go again…so, I guess it wasn’t too bad! LOL 🙂

I was up early again this morning. I forgot to turn on the alarm as we watched a movie (the second Hornblower – yay! 🙂 )until 12:30am or so and just forgot. I woke on my own a few minutes after 6am though. I was pretty groggy so laid abed until 6:35am and got up 10 minutes earlier than yesterday. 😉 Must thank my bladder for that though and not my own determination! LOL Off to a good start to a new habit I think anyway… 🙂

I’ve slowed down a bit now though. I’ve been working on this for the past hour – in between switching laundry, supervising chores, etc. – and sitting down makes me feel like I’ll need a nap soon. The children have been watching Mr. Rodgers and Martha Stewart while I’ve done so and it will be time for lunch when Martha is over. I think that’s all I had to talk about at the moment…. So, I’m going to run and get my momentum back…I hope. 😉

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