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Books Finished 2014

Here is our accomplished reading list for 2014. The children read many more books independently than are listed. They are voracious readers so the “school” list only shows the books I was actively involved in reading to or with them. Hope you find something to interest you…Happy Reading in 2015!

2014 Books Finished


Marl Fox (Feb.) ( )
Little Britches (Feb.) ( )
Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism (March) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (March) ( )
Planets (March) ( )
Sunshine Makes the Seasons (March) ( )
Planets (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Sun and Other Stars (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
Seasons (I Can Read About series) (April) ( )
The Lamplighter (Sep.) ( )
A Journey of Souls (Dec.) ( )
The Five Points of Calvinism (Bible) (Dec.) ( )


Eat, Pray, Love (Jan.) ( )
A Painted House (Jan.) ( )
The Dead and Gone (Jan.) ( )
This World We Live In (Jan.) ( ) Get Big Fast (Feb.) ( )
The Glass Castle (Feb.) ( )
Stranded (Feb.) (previewed for E.) ( )
“ “: Trial by Fire (Feb.) (same) ( )
Stranded: Survivors (Feb.) (same) ( )
The Shade of the Moon (Feb.) ( )
Stop Whining, Start Living (previewed for an older daughter) (March) ( )
Steve Jobs (April) ( )
The Sorcerer’s Apprentices: A Season in the Kitchen at Ferran Adria’s elBulli (May) ( )
The Shell Seekers (June) ( )
Pilgrim’s Wilderness: A True Story of Faith and Madness on the Alaska Frontier (June) ( )
October Sky (July) ( ) ( )
The Coalwood Way (July) ( )
Cordelia Underwood (Sep.) ( )
Sky of Stone (Sep.) ( )
Cranford (& other stories) (Nov.) ( )
If a Woman’s Hair is Her Glory… (Nov.) ( )
Below Stairs (Nov.) ( )
Daily Guideposts 2014 (Dec.) ( )
Village School (Miss Read) (Dec.) ( )
If Teacups Could Talk (Dec.) ( )
Vegetarian Celebrations (Dec.) ( )

** ADVENT ** – Jotham’s Journey: A Storybook for Advent (Dec.) ( )

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Quick Gift Idea

We have a set of these and love them!

Melissa & Doug Magnetic Wooden Alphabet

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ps – This post contains affiliate links in which I will receive a small commission should you decide to purchase the product but will not incur additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Reposted from homeschool page…

Wow! It’s been nearly a year since Wayne joined the Board of our homeschool assoc.

We are looking forward to the convention this year ~ haven’t had one in a couple of years.

James and Stacy McDonald (of Homeschooling Today mag. – listed below) will be the Keynote Speakers. I’m aquainted with Stacy through her ladies email loop and am really
looking forward to meeting them in person!

Wayne was elected to the Board of Directors of our state homeschool association.
We are excited about this new venture and ask that you pray with us that we (as
couples can work as one)can effectively be used in maintaining the tremendous
homeschool freedoms Alaskans have and to be an encouragement
to those who choose to be “independent” Homeschoolers.

Things in General

Monday was spent with morning chores, going to the doc, doing a few errands in town and, in the afternoon, getting the children caught up with the chores they neglected while I was gone plus a bit of school work. It was kind of cloudy off and on too and we didn’t feel like facing the mosquitoes so we didn’t go out to play or garden or do yard work.

Tuesday some rather annoying things were happening (that I won’t discuss) that kept me occupied all day and by late afternoon/evening I was too beat (mostly mentally/emotionally) to think of anything except my bed.

Wednesday (yesterday) I finally got outside to spend some time with the garden and raspberry patch. I “stole” some dirt from the raspberry patch in an area that’s pretty shaded and the canes aren’t growing real well. I also took some from around the well. All topsoil we had brought in a couple of years ago so it’s good dirt if a little weedy now. I was using the smaller wheelbarrow as I didn’t want to break canes if I could help it plus I wouldn’t have been able to fill the larger on and get up and down the path and rocks well anyway. As it was I need my older daughter to lift a little to help me in a couple of places. Anyway, managed to get enough to finish filling the first section in the long box (dh put a divider board in the middle just to make it more stable). I was able to finish transplanting all of the radishes, turnips and bush beans. The squash really, really, really need to go in the ground today as they are tipping over in the small containers. So, I’ll be hauling dirt again today trying to get enough to fill in the other secion of the long box. I don’t want to put the squash in there as it is rather narrow and would rather have them in the big square deep box from last year but that would take more dirt than I have I think even taking it from the areas I am. At any rate, the rest of the hollyhocks and peas (especially) need to go in the ground today if possible (although it’s not critical) and I do want them in the long box. Plus, I almost forgot about the cauliflower, that really needs to get into the ground and the long box is where I want them too. Before I started hauling the dirt though I cut back some bushes that were causing the raspberry patch to be such a jungle (at the entrance anyway). They were also blocking light to the lilac…which will bloom soon! Yay! I have to get in there and do more but the garden box has to be first!!! Many of the canes are doing well though and I look forward to a bigger harvest of berries this year than last.

After everything is in the ground, I’ll update the left sidebar with amounts and delete what was grown from seed and possible replace that with a “harvest report”. It is definitely going to be a small one…this garden is really only going to provide “snacks” for this large family…maybe a side dish or two at a couple of meals. But, we have been doing more and more, little by little, every year we’ve been here. Time and money. Time and money. Perhaps next year, we can do larger scale all at once… That would be so nice and such a blessing! 🙂

Off to get to it! Happy Gardening to all!

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