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Mr. Blakeslee on Faith

“Well’m, faith ain’t no magic wand or money-back gar’ntee, either one. Hit’s jest a way alivin’. Hit means you don’t worry th’ew the days. Hit means you go’n be holdin’ on to God in good or bad times, and you accept whatever happens. Hit means you respect life like it is – like God made it – even when it ain’t what you’d order from the wholesale house. Faith don’t mean the Lord is go’n make lions lay down with lambs jest cause you ast him to, or make fire not burn. Some folks, when they pray to git well and don’t even git better, they say God let’m down. But I say thet warn’t even what Jesus was a-talkin’ bout. When Jesus said ast and you’ll git it, He was givin’ a gar’ntee a-spiritual healin’, not body healin’. He was sayin’ thet if’n you git beat down – scairt to death you cain’t do what you got to, or scairt you go’n die, or scairt folks won’t like you – why, all you got to do is put yore hand in God’s and He’ll lift you up. I know it for a fact, Love. I can pray, ‘Lord, hep me not be scairt,’ and I don’t know how, but it’s like a eraser wipes the fears away. And I found out long time ago, when I look on what I got to stand as a dang hardship or a burden, it seems too heavy to carry. But when I look on the same dang thang as a challenge, why, standin’ it or acceptin’ it is like you done entered a contest. Hit even gits excitin’, waitin’ to see how everthang’s go’n turn out.

~ Cold Sassy Tree, pg. 363, emphasis added.

Amen to that bolded section! I have learned that first hand! Once you have that mind-set and practice it routinely, it is exciting to see how God is going to work everything out no matter how hard it is going through it! It’s taken a long time to learn and I lament that sometimes…it took something pretty devastating for it to finally sink in…but God put me on this journey and brings lessons in His own time and His own way. I am truly able to thank Him in and through hardship now and I love Him for it!

‘Til next time,

Weekly Contemplation

“Many of the principles and practices now taken for granted in America can be traced to this declaration of fundamental rights [Virginia Bill of Rights]. For instance, the first article declares the equal right of all men, by nature, to freedom and independence. This truth is at the foundation of republican government. Its source, as has been properly noted, we find in Christianity, which ‘alone teaches the absolute, exclusive, sovereignty of God and the common origin and brotherhood of man.’ Christianity teaches that God is not a respector of persons, but views all men as equal before His moral law. The first article also declares that men have an inalienable right to enjoy life, liberty, property, and happiness; concepts that were soon written in the federal Declaration of Independence.”

~ Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry (Leaders in Action), pg. 103

I thought this an appropriate quote from the book I’m reading considering this past week’s holiday. 🙂

‘Til next time,

Weekly Contemplation

“It was in the home of his parents, then, that Patrick Henry learned life’s most important lessons: morality, obedience, discipline, and responsibility. In addition to his father’s explicit instruction, Patrick naturally imitated what he observed. Practice is more powerful than precept, and a parent’s example is more powerful than a teacher’s lecture. His father therefore, not only fashioned Patrick’s mind, he also shaped his soul, and the lessons he learned at home colored his life and leadership.”

~ Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry (Leaders in Action), pg. 135, emphasis added.

Weekly Contemplation

I’m not a very consistent blogger. I apologize. Although, I’m probably harder on myself than need be considering my readership is virtually nill. I do like to follow through with what I’ll say I’ll do regardless though… Enough of that vein. I’ll work out my self imposed guilt on my own later. 😉

Funny how I said that I’d like to start up this series of posts again just before Mother’s day and then didn’t post again until just after Father’s Day because the quotes I’m hoping to share from the section of the book I’m currently reading on Patrick Henry discuss the influence of his mother and father. The irony of things like this in my life I find amusing. Anyhow…getting back on track with inspirational quotes…

“Patrick Henry was born to neither wealth nor station. Yet he was forunate enough to be blessed with one of life’s most important foundations – an able and godly father. While some men – for example, a Winston Churchhill – are able to overcome the pain and emptiness of a neglectful or absent father, it is generally true that the lack of a strong father in the house tends toward both personal and social disintegration. It is not without reason that Proverbs 17:6 states: ‘the glory of children are their fathers.'”

~ Give Me Liberty: The Uncompromising Statesmanship of Patrick Henry (Leaders in Action), pg. 133, emphasis added.

Unfortunately, we are seeing the truth of that emphasized portion in our day and age. Prayers that God will turn the hearts of the fathers to their children is our only hope.

‘Til next time,

Weekly Contemplation

This is a “series” of blog posts I’ve been meaning to get back to for a while. In the past, on Sunday (rather inconsistently even then I’m afraid), I would post a meaningful quote from something I was currently reading as a little tid-bit to chew on throughout the week. Topics could be anything – religious, business, family, homemaking, etc. This one is a favorite and has been rather poignant over the last couple of years since our move. My husband and I have been separated quite a lot due to untidy loose ends with the business keeping him in our former city of residence. One I’ve worked hard to remember with all the pressures that entails…

“Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave.” Martin Luther

A blessed Lord’s Day to you all,

Weekly Contemplation

“If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.” ~ George Washington

“The loss of liberty at home is to be charged to the provisions against danger, real or imagined, from abroad.” ~ James Madison

“If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.” ~ James Madison

“America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter, and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

“It is unpatriotic not to tell the truth, whether about the president or anyone else.” ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Weekly Contemplation

“CLA (conjugated linoleic acid) is a naturally occurring fatty acid found mainly in the fat of dairy products and meats such as beef and lamb. … CLA has been found to have numerous beneficial health effects. It acts as an antioxidant. It helps maintain a healthy heart and veins, and healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels. It combats atherosclerosis. It encourages the buildup of muscles and helps prevent weight gain. Preschoolers who have an optimal intake of CLA i the diet are less likely to suffer from asthma when they are older. But, perhaps the most impressive feature, is that CLA is the only known fatty acid to have strong anticarcinogenic properties. CLA has been shown to inhibit the growth of a variety of human tumor cells, including cancer cells of the skin, colon, heart, and lung. Also, animal studies showed that CLA prevents the spread of cancer.

Australian studies published by the American Society for Nutritional Sciences showed that CLA inhibited the proliferations of malignant melanomas as well as colorectal, breast, and lung cancer cell lines. In mouse studies, CLA reduced the incidence of chemically induced epidermal tumors and forestomach neoplasia (the formation of new tissue). In rat studies, CLA reduced the incidence of aberrant crypt foci, which are precancerous.

Unfortunately, less than optimal amounts of CLA are consumed by Americans. There are several reasons: changes in agricultural practices, changes in dietary choices, and mixed messages from governmental agencies.

Cud-chewing animals (ruminants such as cows) have bacteria that convert linoleic acid in to CLA. However, the CLA content of the milkfat of cows and the CLA content of the fat in beef has declined steadily as the animals have been switched from grass grazing in pastures to grain feeding in feedlots. These changed practices yield greater volumes of milk from cows, and quicker weight gain in beef animals, at the expense of CLA and other beneficial components. Also, the feeding of dry hay in wintertime offers no CLA in the feed.

Due to changes in dietary choices, most Americans fail to consume adequate amounts of CLA. Many people select low-or non-fat milk and other dairy products, and avoid butter and cream. Many people also foolishly shun red meats or limit their intake and discard any visible fat in the meat.

Government agencies have been sending mixed messages. They have recommended reduction of saturated fats (sources of CLA) and have encouraged the substitution of vegetable oils (lacking in CLA). They have labeled trans fats as “bad” and fail to acknowledge that CLA, a trans fat, is beneficial. The FDA had wrestled with this problem, when it formulated a regulation mandating food manufacturers to indicate the trans fats in food products. The agency considered exempting CLA from the regulations, but decided it would be too confusing for the public.

Beef and lamb fat also contain another fatty acid, palmitoleic acid. This substance protects humans from viruses and other pathogens. These various findings should arouse some curiosity in scientists. The time has come to reexamine the commonly held belief that butter, cream, whole milk, and animal fats should be limited or avoided.” pg. 165-66, Probiotic Foods for Good Health: Yogurt, Sauerkraut, and Other Beneficial Fermented Foods

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