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2014 Wrap-up (Prt 1)

Note: I have been working on this post for a month and a half. No joke. Between school, business, travel, sickness and poor Internet connection, it has seemed to take “forever” to get this much accomplished. No wonder I’m not much of a consistent blogger! This post was going to be all of 2014…and then the first half of 2014. But, as you will see, June is not included. Oh well. Close enough for me at this point. It will just have to be included in the second half of 2014. Hope you enjoy what there is and I’ll do my best to hurry with the rest.

Again, the days…the weeks…the months slipped by. Blogging just isn’t high on my priority list when we are busy living life. But, I do want to preserve a little of it the best I can. I gave up trying to scrapbook a long time ago and, instead of a “diary”, I keep a daily “calendar.” My next best attempt is to summarize our happenings here. I used to do it monthly…that’s still my goal…for now this will have to suffice. Without further ado, here is a summary of 2014.


Pretty slow and uneventful after the holidays.

23rd – My bday.


5th – Oldest moved out. Will be staying with friends and looking for a job where there are better opportunities.

8th – Butchered and ate our first home-raised rooster! He was big and meaty and tasty! Mmmmm!

1rst Home-raised Roast Rooster
1rst Rooster Drumstick!

9th – First egg from “Downstairs Bantam-mix.” On schedule for their ages. Egg count will grow quickly now we hope!


5th – First day over freezing. 34F! The chickens were let out for a while. They sure enjoyed it!

Fresh Air Nest   Feb-March2014016_zpsb04f385a

6th – First time getting max. number of 8 eggs!

Eggs!  Beautiful Eggs!

7th – G. bday. 3 years old!
26th – Q. bday. 11 years old!


3rd – Hit 40F for the first time! I say it’s Spring…
7th – L.’s 7th Bday!
27th – P.’s 9th Bday!
28th – E.’s first kill on his own (besides chickens). Look out squirrels!

This…just because he’s sooo cute!

Started off with a bang with 68F on the 1rst! Hit a high of 80F on the 13th! Temps stayed pretty much above normal the whole month (upper 60s & 70s) during the day and dropping off to regular low temps (30s, 40s) at night.

Chickens continuing to lay well.

The day we took everyone to the Yak farm we also spent some time doing a favorite activity when we are down that way. Playing at the “sand hills.” Everyone comes home quite covered from head to toe with sand (the younger ones at least) but they have such a great time it’s worth it. πŸ™‚

Climbing the Sand Hills


P - Sand Hills

L & G - Sand Hills

Sometimes you get sand in your mouth while sliding down…then it’s not so fun any more.

G- Sand Hills

Mama helped him clear his mouth and gave him some water to rinse it and all was right with his sandy world again. πŸ™‚

11th – Mother’s Day was celebrated with a tire blowout on the highway to church. Managed to get most of the children to church with friends while youngest two stayed at my Aunt’s with their oldest sister and W. and I dealt with car. I received some lovely gifts though (along with some handmade cards not shown) and am a very blessed and grateful mother!

May2014073_zpsdc150eb2   May2014078_zps03e7b106

My children are always being creative. This time we discovered a pendent that the 15yo made matched her shirt perfectly – not only the colors but the flower design as well! Totally unintentional. πŸ™‚

C. Funky Pendent 5.14

The creativity even extends to chores. I asked this same child to wash some throw rugs as the weather was perfect for drying them fast on the clothesline. I suggested she hang them up, hose them down, scrub with a brush and hose again. She made a face and was reluctant. So, I suggested she could always throw them in the kiddie pool and stomp on them…half jesting. She thought that sounded like more fun! The video is even funnier…but I promised I wouldn’t post it. πŸ˜‰

C. Washing Rugs

The boys get in on the creativity too of course. Here is the 11yo’s get-up for the day’s “war game”…

Q. War Get-up    Q. War Get-up 2

His ingenuity and improvisation tickled me! Oh, what would life be like without duct tape… ‘Cuz, you know, a combo nerf / light saber gun is better than a plain one! πŸ˜‰

My oldest son (13yo at the time) got creative with a dip net and one of our rubber balls. The two older boys were trying to think up a new game to play. The other son had a big stick. He would try to hit the ball after his brother tossed it to him from the net. I think we’ll call it AK Lacrosse-Cricket…AK LaCricket…AK Cricrosse… πŸ˜‰ They looked like they were having a good time and there was a lot of laughing! Laughing is good. πŸ™‚

E dipnet ball E.'s New Game

We also finished gathering eggs from our own hens (2nd time) to hatch! The borrowed incubator had a capacity of 42…yeehaw! That will be the most we’ve ever raised at once and will boost our hen ratio substantially – Lord willing! Here they are marked, the incubator up to temp, and ready to go in…

Eggs Ready for Incubator

‘Til next time,

ps – The second half of 2014 will be in a future post. Stay tuned…

May Highlight

This post could also be titled “Getting to Know Your Local Farmer.”

My husband and I stopped by a long standing farm he remembers from his youth while out on a drive together. It has been a Yak farm for some time now and we’d been meaning to stop whenever we were in the Kenny Lake area in the past. Now that we live closer, we are in the area a little more frequently and spur of the moment one evening we just dropped in. People still do that around here. πŸ˜‰

We enjoyed an hour or more of conversation…Bob Fithian and my husband reminiscing about old-timers and times…and, after Barb stepped in, all of us discussing new topics of homeschooling, politics and such. We were given a couple pounds of Yak burger as we left with handshakes and encouragement to return with the children. (They homeschooled their boys who are grown and gone.)

A week later or so, we did return with the children. Here are a few pictures:




Part of their glorious view:

Bootprint Mtn 5.14

A down-to-earth Christian couple eking out a unique and thriving farm in rural Alaska! Stop by, visit and support their farm if you are in the area. You won’t be disappointed!

‘Til next time,

June in Review

(Officially typed 4/24/10)

This was a month of taking it easy I suppose. I really don’t have that much to write about…it is the month before baby is due so it’s to be expected…

We’ve kept up with our school work pretty well. Mostly Bible, Math, Reading (aloud) and Science. A lot of reading living books!

I had a midwife appt. on the 11th @ 10am after which dh brought us down to the Peninsula to stay with my parents while he did some renovation on the house (kitchen in particular). While there, I ended up sick, sick, sick. *bleh* Eight months pg, staying at camp with no running water and using an outhouse. Most of the children ended up with something in varying degrees too. At least there was no throwing up…that would have been real difficult to deal with in my condition and under the circumstances! We were sleeping in the cabins and did go up to my parents house in the afternoons on most days so it wasn’t total roughing it. But still…hard on this pg lady! Most of us ended up staying a week. My dad did a quick trip up with our oldest daughter and son mid-way through to give dh some help. Son ended up sick in bed those couple of days while daughter pushed through with a sore throat and a few other mild symptoms. She ended up staying while my father and son came back down. Mean while, I spent a couple full days in bed and a couple mostly in bed while they were gone. Thank goodness for my mother and an aunt visiting from VT! They were able to watch over the children quite a bit with my second oldest daughter allowing me that much rest.

We spent Father’s Day hanging around the house just like on Memorial Day. Guess we couldn’t expect much after the week I’d just spent before it.

Hit 37 weeks at the end of the month – not long now until we meet our new little bundle of love!!

Now, this month’s pics.:

We love having so many wild visitors to our yard!

‘Til next time,

September in Review

Officially posted 3/20/09


9/08 C.’s 10th bday! πŸ™‚


9/24 Found a nest w/ 6 eggs and some bits of shell. Don’t know how old but floated them/opened them. All fine and were used.


9/10-11 Trip to Glenallen. Camped out in the ‘Burban. That was an experience… πŸ™„

9/18 – 20 Seward & Soldotna

9/25 – 26 Family in Seward except me. Strange…haven’t been alone in years… Baby so big now. :-/


9/23 Woke to the first frost.

9/26 – 29 Gradually heavier frosts. Really frosty on the 29th.


I leave you all with some wildlife pictures from our drive to Glenallen/Chitna.

Great Horned Owl at dh’s old family homestead in Kenny Lake.

Trumpeter Swans in Chitna, AK

Dall Sheep outside of Chitna, AK

Until next time,

I am back!!!

Still feeling a little frazzled though…

The market season was over a couple of weekends ago so business has slowed. However, we have some new goals/products in the works so hopefully things will pick up again and will maintain through the winter.

We started a heavier workload again for homeschool a couple of weeks ago as a result of the above. But, we’ve traveled quite a few of those days so I’ll be revamping the lesson plans again already.

Today is dd #2’s bday – Happy 12th mah dear!!! You are still the challenging feisty one but I’m certain God will do great things with you! Love ya! πŸ˜€

As of today, I am also reconnected to the “outside world” again! *whoop-whoop* So good to be back and I’m looking forward to catching up with the handful of friends I may have left on the ‘Net! πŸ˜‰ Come on and leave a comment so I know who are. *hint-hint* πŸ˜‰

That said, I’m outta here for now. Updates will be squeezed in here and there per usual. Again, I’m still feeling a bit frazzled. πŸ˜• While you are at it (leaving your comment telling me you were here), let me know what you would like to read about on this blog! I know that I’ve been a bit dull in the recent past compared to some of the updates I used to give and need some ideas. Are you interested in the weather? (It’s been miserable here this year. 😦 ) Our homeschooling? Our business? AK in general? Were my monthly updates of interest or not? Tell me what you’d like to know and I’ll ruminate on it and then hopefully give more of what you are looking for. πŸ™‚


FF – May Freebies & Tip

I got on the freebie band wagon this past month. Thought I’d share what came in the mail for us.

In this large family, trial sizes aren’t going to go very far but I had an idea that prompted me to start this craziness. πŸ˜‰ We have a “car box” as we call it. It is a small plastic tote in which we keep emergency supplies but it can also double as an impromptu snack/picnicing/camping box in a pinch. A few items it contains: flashlight and batteries (although I’m going to eventually replace these with a wind up flashlight – which we all have anyway but keep in our own various packbacks/purses/bags), matches, soap, sanitary hand cleaner, small pouch first aid kit, ½ gal. of H2O, plastic cups and utensils, etc. It also had quick emergency food type items that had gotten used up and I hadn’t replaced yet. My bright idea? Start filling it with food and other types of samples that could come in handy in pinch! One type of cereal freebie will not satisfy 7 children…but 7 samples will. πŸ˜‰ Shampoo samples, handy wipe samples, pain reliever samples, etc….all small and fit great and you don’t need much as they are for “emergencies.” Perfect! So, with a handful of exceptions, most of what is shown above has made it’s way into our car box. Now the children can’t wait to go on a road trip and dig into the surprises! πŸ˜‰

That’s my frugal tip for this week! Do you keep a car emergency box? What do you have in yours?

♥ oxoxox ♥

April in Review

Officially posted 1/05/09


4/09 Baby L.’s 1rst Birthday!!! πŸ˜€
Where did this past year go???? I’m flabbergasted…just flabbergasted. She’s so sweet and every one of us loves her so much! Seven children is not too many…it’s just not. I can’t imagine not having her in our family. To have stopped at four, like we in our naiveté originally talked of, it just wouldn’t have been right. I had always wanted a large family but my dh had never really given it much thought so we came to a compromise…both hesitatingly though as that didn’t seem quite right. I’m oh so thankful for what we learned together and for these three more children (so far)!



4/15 1 (L) Yay!! I’m flabbergasted. What is it – a Tax Day gift??? πŸ™„

4/18 1 (L) Guess I was right about them laying in a couple of weeks after I butchered Fluff.

Total = 2 *whoopee* (Tongue firmly in cheek.)


4/15 L.’s 4th tooth! Right front incisor.

4/29 L.’s 5th tooth! Left upper lateral incisor.


I have decided not to put my workouts in my updates here but have revived my workout blog. Link is to the right.


4/23 G & G Baker arrived in the evening to celebrate the two birthdays we had this month. They stayed until the 25th.


4/13 & 14 W. left w/ all the childen (except baby) about 4:15pm to go to Seward. I was abondoned stayed at home to work on tax stuff. πŸ˜› They played around “the property” for a few hours then drove to Soldotna to visit/stay the night w/ my parents and were there for the next couple of days as well. They got back around 4pm on the 15th.


4/02 60°F Really, no kidding…April Fool’s Day was yesterday. πŸ˜‰ It didn’t last though. Mid-afternoon the temp dropped to the hi 40s.

4/05 – 06 Snow = 10″

4/09 Snow = 6″

4/15 Snow = 2″

4/21 64 ° F in the sun!! *whoop* πŸ˜€

4/23 64 ° F in the sun!! The children were so excited they couldn’t resist setting up the kiddy pool and getting in! What could I do except say, “Go for it!” πŸ˜‰

4/25 Snow = 16 ½ ” !! **aacckk** Weren’t the children just swimming a couple of days ago??!!


4/26 Snow = &#189″

Total Snow = 35″ Nearly a whole yard this month…3 ft…just before spring. *sigh*


We caught some photos of a wascally backyard visitor!

Until next time,

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