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February in Review

Officially typed out on 9/29/08

2/21 Baby L. climbed the steps in cabin @ T.’s parent’s house all by herself!
2/23 Baby L. climbed up onto couch/Mommy’s lap by herself! I think a climbing phase has begun. 😉

Went for a 2 week visit to T.’s parents. (late pm 17th to late pm 29th)

2/11 Snow = 5 ”
2/14 Snow = ¼ ”
2/16 – 2/17 Snow (forgot to measure)
2/18 42°F!! with some sprinkles. (visiting T.’s parents)
2/19 42°F!! with rain. (visiting T.’s parents)
2/20 Temp has dropped to 40°F. (visiting T.’s parents)

Monthly Accumulation = 5 – 6″ (or so)

While at my parent’s visiting, I butchered our chicken Fluff on 2/26. She had become an egg eater. 😦 (We brought the chickens with us as we didn’t have anyone to care for them while we were gone. Thankfully, we only had three and they fit just fine in a large pet carrier in the back of the ‘Burban. Wrapped securely with a blanket, there was no smell. 🙂 ) My father skinned her out for me while I watched with the children. (It’s been a while since I’ve skinned a spruce hen or anything. 😉 ) It was interesting the to see the eggs lined up for development. There were 4 yolks – 1 about the size of a salmon egg, 1 the size of a large pea, 1 the size of a very large berry and 1 the size of a grape. It was also disappointing to see them because the chickens hadn’t been laying for a while and this proved they would be starting in a couple of weeks or so. 😦 Anyhow, not thinking of her age, I baked her the next day. She was approx. a 3lb. bird. The lovely mix of garlic, rosemary, thyme and summer savory did not make her very edible though – although she smelled wonderful! So, the day after that, I stewed her. She was one tough bird but she eventually made a lovely chicken noodle soup! 😉 My guilt continues…although I know I was justified. 😕

October in Review

Officially typed up 4/12/08


The Ladies still aren’t laying. 😦 Guess you could say they are officially “old” now…


10/01/07 L. crawled today! Actual hands and knees crawling! Not just scooting w/ her arms and one knee. Wow! Not quite 6mo. (Yup, seven children and I still get thrilled when each one of them reaches their first in each milestone. 🙂 )

10/03/07 L.’s first night in her crib! She woke once and I brought her to bed with me to nurse her. She slept for another couple of hours with us and I nursed her again then managed to put her back in her crib without waking her because I knew I’d be getting up soon. She woke again 2-3 hrs later. She did well for her first night I think. 🙂

10/09/07 Baby L. is 6 months today! 🙂

10/22/07 L.’s first tooth is finally finally finally in!! She’s been our hardest teether of ALL the children… *ugh* :-/ I’m sure she’s been teething (off and on) since she was about 2mo old and it’s been rough during the “on” times. Anyhow, it’s just barely poking through and I noticed it in the wee hours of the morning during our nursing session. I realized she was nursing better so ran my finger along her gum and felt it’s sharp little tip and sure enough later in the morning when it was light there it was! Bottom right incisor.

Recreation & Travel

10/09/07 Dh and children went to Seward again today (except C. & L.) I stayed home to get some housework and projects done without interuption and C. stayed with me to help with the baby. I got a lot done and also was able to squeeze in some nice (semi) one-on-one time with C. 🙂

10/22/07 It was good talking to you on the phone again Rebekah!! An hour sure flies by… (This could be categorized under General but I’ll go ahead and put it here as it was a nice little break from my normal day. 😉 )

10/27/07 Wow, another nice little break in my “normal” day…Valerie called me and we talked for 3 hrs or so! Who wudda thought you could talk to someone on the phone for so long who you’d never “met” before?! LOL And, I’m NOT a phone person. In fact, I could do quite nicely without one. But, I’m so glad she called and we had that time to visit. (My dh generously allowed me that time by taking over child care for a while. 🙂 ) She’s wonderfully personable and I feel a definite kinship despite having met her over the Internet. ♥ Thanks Valerie for being a great friend! ♥


10/03/07 First frost at our house!

10/07/07 First snow at our house! (Very early this morning. Not enough to actually measure though.)

10/19 – 20/07 Snow 1 ½ ”

10/23/07 Snow ¼ ”

10/24/07 Snow ½ ”

10/26/07 54 ° F in the sun on the deck in the afternoon! One last “hurrah” before winter hits in earnest. 😉

Total Snow = 2 ¼ “

I don’t have a category set up for extended family type stuff so this will be the “general” part of this post:

10/03/07 My father and his sister left in the wee hours of the morning for an emergency trip to see their mother. She’s apparently had some sort of an attack and is in the hospital. This is strange for me as it is my last living grandparent and, while we haven’t had close contact over the years because of the thousands of miles between us, it saddens me terribly. All of my dh’s grandparents are deceased now and I’m just feeling a general sense of mourning for the generation that we all are losing. My grandmother comes from a large family and a few of her older sisters lived well into their 90’s so I’m hoping she’ll follow in that direction…

That wraps up another month in the life of the Hunt Family!

‘Til next time…
♥ oxoxox ♥

September in Review

Officially typed out 4/1/08
Updated 4/2/08 with pictures, links, etc.


The market is over on the 9th. Please pray that our home business will sustain us through the winter/tourist season slump!


9/08/07 C.’s 9th bday! Happy birthday to our sweet third daughter! Your cheerful smile and enthusiastic bear hugs make our days much brighter! You are growing so fast into a graceful lovely girl and following your older sisters in becoming such a wonderful helper! We’re so thankful to have you in our family!

9/25/07 B.’s 11th bday! Happy birthday our dear dear daughter! You challenge us at times with your feistiness and stubbornness but when it comes right down to it, you have a caring, loving and protective spirit for your family. We wouldn’t change the precious package you are for the world. We love you to pieces Nanna! 😀


The ladies are still on sabbatical. 😛


9/01/07 L. is beginning to move one knee forward while on hands and knees! Also, nearly sitting completely on her own! She can push herself up to sitting and will use one hand but hasn’t quite been “brave” enough to lift the other one yet and play with two hands. Close though…real close.

9/02/07 P. has gone a week without wearing a diaper at night! Of course, I’ve been diligent about getting up in the wee hours (2-3am) to take her to the bathroom to make sure she doesn’t have an accident. I’ll keep it up about another week and then try letting her sleep to see if she’ll then wake on her own. The girls’ room gets some light at night from the neighbor’s yard light and the bathroom is right next to their room with a good night light…so, we’ll see if she calls to me or just goes to the bathroom on her own.

L. is solidly on her hands and knees now and definitely scootching herself forward a bit at a time with one knee (always the same one LOL).

9/03/07 L. has discovered her tongue and loves making this “tthbbb” sort of noise. Sometimes it’s a “raspberry”…but sometimes it’s not. 😛 LOL

9/04/07 L. is “military” crawling today! Sorta…she still hikes that one knee up occasionally (the right one).

9/05/07 L.’s first solid food today! (Four days from her 5mo bday.) Following NT suggestion, I gave her a small amount of smashed egg yolk. It was weird for me seeings how I’ve been trained to think that babies *should not* get egg before their 1rst bday…but we’ll see. (I understand the it’s the whites that mostly cause trouble.)

9/08/07 C.’s 9th bday!! ~*~Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!~*~ We love you bunches! 🙂

9/09/07 L. is 5mo today – almost ½ a year already! 😯

9/11/07 L. gets up on her hands and feet now like she’s going to do the “bear” walk!

9/13/07 G. Hunt took everyone to lunch for their bdays and then we went bday gift shopping – fun!

9/25/07 B.’s 11th bday! ~*~Happy Bday Lovely B.!~*~ Love you! G & G B. arrived yesterday to celebrate with us and will go home tomorrow.


9/03/07 I decided over the weekend that I was feeling healed enough to start “formal” exercising again. The PSD has increasingly gotten worse and this time is definitely not clearing up as fast postpartum. But, like I said, I noticed that I’ve been feeling pretty well recently and decided to get on the treadmill today. Here are the stats:

– Cal.: 289
– Fat Cal.: 90
– Incline: 3
– Time: 45min
– Dist.: 2.16 miles
– Laps: 8.6
– Speed: 3 average, 3.7 highest


9/22/07 40 lbs apples! (apprx) (See below under Recreation)


9/28/07 9 ½ pints of Mint Apple Syrup canned!

Recreation & Travel

9/17/07 Day trip to Whittier today! Got to go through (2.5 miles) the train tunnel! Very interesting and fun! Stats about the tunnel:

* Longest highway tunnel in North America (13,300′ or 2.5 miles).
* Longest combined rail and highway use tunnel in North America.
* First U.S. tunnel with jet turbine and portal fan ventilation.
* First computerized regulation of both rail and highway traffic.
* First tunnel designed for -40° F. and 150 mph winds.
* Portal buildings designed to withstand avalanches

Entrance to the Tunnel.

In the Tunnel.

Our playground for the day! (This pic is too small but two of our children are in it…mere specs in this majestic scenery!)

9/19/07 Day trip Glenallen/Kenny Lake area today – where dh grew up. In fact, we stopped at his old house, saw it was for sale so stopped in and looked around/took pictures. So cool for the children to see where Daddy grew up! We’ve been out there before but the older girls were really little and don’t remember. Plus, the house isn’t in the family any more so they only had a glimpse of it from the road. This time they got to wander around AND dh old tree fort (pretty elaborate) was still partially standing! Pretty neato! 🙂

Daddy with all his children at his childhood home! Oh the memories of hauling water and firewood and using this…

It still has his name graffitied above the can that held the toilet paper!

The view dh grew up seeing! (Minus the satellite dish – that’s the current owners.)

9/22/07 Day trip to Seward. (Dh also lived here – from the time he was 14yo through high school.) Picked apples at a small orchard just down the road from our house before heading out though for the first time! Been passing it for years and always said we should stop in there “this year” but wouldn’t and then would say “next year.” LOL This year the sign said FREE and there was no way I was going to let dh keep driving! Got about 40 lbs! We had a lot of high winds and cold weather this year so the apples were small and there were a lot of windfalls so the owner just decided to open it up to everyone (rather than charging) so they wouldn’t go to waste. Even allowed everyone to pick off the trees so we got a good variety. Delicious! I’m going to be busy canning or drying or something! LOL Anyway, a little late heading out to Seward but at least we didn’t pass it up this year! In Seward, we mostly enjoyed exploring and playing at the old “homestead” (dh’s deceased grandparents 30 acres that now belongs to his mother/uncles with one uncle still living there). It’s on the bay and boy was the smell awful because the tide was out (spawned salmon)! :sick: But, the children went out on the beach anyway. When the tide came up, the smell was nice and fresh and salty again. 🙂 We had a bonfire with the uncle and roasted hot dogs, etc. Been a long time since I’ve had a s’more! 😉 Great fun and came home pleasantly tired. 🙂

9/29/07 Bonfire at our friends the Mischenkos! Had a great time Grace – thanks for inviting us! 🙂


9/02/07 Saw our third flock of geese flying south today (over the house). Yesterday some did too but the flock wasn’t as big. Last Wed., we saw our first one while at the store. That flock was big and flying high and fast. *sigh* It seems a little early to me…I’m not ready for Fall/Winter/cold weather. 😦

‘Til next time – Blessings,
♥ oxoxox ♥

It’s Here!

The termination dust…

Can I have a good cry now? 😉

Not to be overly dramatic or anything…but this summer flew and I’m very sorry to have it end. I don’t feel like I/we properly enjoyed it because we were so busy with the business. I love it when it’s green and warm and we have freedom. For some reason, despite living here all our lives, dh and myself aren’t into winter sports/activities per say. Sure, we like to take the children up the mountain and go sledding but otherwise we don’t do any skiing or boarding or snowmachining or skating or you-name-it. I’d like to do some skating with all the children…I have skates and I think we have another couple pair that *somebody* (or two) could possibly fit into…but to outfit *everyone* would be a bit of a hit to the ole pocketbook. Certainly cheaper than some of those other activities mentioned though. Maybe I’ll try Freecycle… Sure, winter in our “cabin” *sounds* cozy with the fireplace and good books and all…but when I think of how *long* our winters last I start to hyperventilate. *ugh* Cabin Fever is not an affliction I like…particularly in my children… [picture me a little cross-eyed] The novelty of the fire wears off rather quickly when you have to empty ashes regularly and the good books get read/re-read too quickly as well. I love cooking heartier foods and the aromas that go along with it but the waistband starts to suffer a little stretching for lack of a decent amount of exercise. *sigh* Somebody help me see a bright side here! LOL

Anyhow, I hadn’t been out for a drive in a while and noticed the “dusting” the mountains had Saturday while out doing errands. I gasped and asked dh when that had happened. (The two or three mountains that had it weren’t visible until you got into town.) He said he wasn’t sure but in the last couple of days of the top of his head. So, that means this past Thursday or Friday. Sunday, we noticed a bunch more on those particular mountains plus dustings on a few others on our way out to church! The geese were certainly telling us something last week. Several large flocks passed over flying high and fast. 😉 We had been noticing smaller flocks occasionally up to a couple of weeks ago. These were definitely loud and on the move though. One large flock merged with another large flock Thursday evening almost directly over the house and flew off to the south a bit which I’m positive meant they were landing in Potter’s Marsh for the evening. As soon as it was light the next morning, sure enough, a large flock passed over on their way out of town. That was neat but I was too blurry-eyed to get to the camera fast enough.

Yesterday, we took a road-trip to Whittier…one of the last little excursions before winter really sets in. Not much to do in Whittier but the drive through the tunnel was cool! 🙂 Previously, the only way to get to Whittier was via train but they’ve opened up/converted the last tunnel for vehicle traffic. 2 1/2 miles through the mountain. 🙂 The day was sunny and warm for this time of year. Granted, our trip took us south. We are planning another trip tomorrow. This one takes us north. This evening it is quite stormy – 44° F, raining and high winds. I’m afraid of what we will encounter in the morning once we leave town and are a couple of hundred miles away…we could be driving into winter conditions…I’d rather stay home and let the snow *find me*! 😛

With that thought in mind, I’m off to make some warm tea and settle into bed with a good book. A good book aways makes things better…so long as you have a steady supply of them. 😉

~ Tamara
♥ oxoxox ♥

ps – I have quite a few draft posts saved and hope to finish some up in the next few days. I will post date them but leave them as “stickies” for a little while. Thought I’d say that to save some confusion if you read this and then there are others on top that suddenly get rearranged.

pss – And, I just have to record (for myself) that this blog hit a milestone of 11,000 visits today! *whoop* Thanks to all our faithful readers. 🙂

Goodbye August, Hello September

August (as well as the end of July) came and went in a flash it seems. Now, here we are starting September and definitely into the fall season. Here’s a run-down of the last month+ for posterity:

Children – Q.’s vocabulary is increasing dramatically. He is the first child we’ve had to take talking in full sentences this slowly. He is very intelligent but is just a “man of few words.” He understands everything, is very industrious and creative and *strong*! He just chooses to communicate with facial expressions and simple sentences still. Hey, he’s the fifth and everyone is good at knowing what a little one needs and interpreting when necessary right?! 😉 Anyway, he surprises us everyday with saying something “new” clear as a bell out of the blue. On 7/12 he said his second sister’s name fully rather than his nickname for her. That recieved much attention from everyone that heard it. 🙂 He still refers to everyone in the family by name on his own *except* his 3rd sister…very stumping. When we ask him to say her name, he clams up. When we ask him to say her nickname, he does so although very quietly. He loves her (gives her hugs and kisses readily) and plays with her well so it just must be a preference thing. 🙄 On 8/20 he said “wa-da” for water instead of his generally term “da” for either water or cup! That right there is a big milestone. You don’t know how long my dh has been trying to convince him to do that. 😉 I will repeat the proper word for him when serving it but haven’t pressed because I know eventually it will come and I am enjoying his “toddlerness” for all it’s worth! Really, do you know any 20 year olds (or even 10 or 5 year olds!) that still use a “baby” term for water?? 😉 It will come without me rushing him… 🙂

P. moved out size 3 months and even most 6 month sizes before she was even 3 months old! While W.’s mother was visiting, I unpacked the 6-9 month sizes. They were a bit too big for, oh, about a week or so! 😉 At the end of August, turning 4 months, they fit her *perfectly* now! Another couple of weeks and I’ll be getting out the 12 month (!) sizes…??? She seems to be following in her oldest sister’s footsteps in growth rate. We grow ’em big around here! 😆 She has been rolling over both ways for some time now. Pretty consistantly now since W.’s mother was here…so even before that she had caught on…before turning 3 months! She’s in a hurry to get moving I guess. 😉 Again, it was hard to tell if she was actually doing it or not on her own because the only times we caught her at it was on our bed. Was it the slope or squishiness of the matress? Finally, I set her up on the floor to play the last weekend of July and *flop* there she went onto her back! When she got over her surprise, she managed to get back onto her stomach. So, it’s “official” although I don’t have a specific date…

E. celebrated his 5th Bday on the 8th of July…but I think I mentioned that in a previous post. 😉

And, speaking of children, we found out on 7/25 that we will be an Aunt and an Uncle some time around Easter next year!!! Yay! 🙂 I have no siblings to grant me that priviledge and W. only has his sister…so we thank her for the opportunity! 😉 I can’t wait and hope to be as good a one as she’s been! 🙂 I think I’d as for prayer for them some time back… It worked (they aren’t believers though) and we are still praying it will bring good (spiritual) things into their lives.

And, still speaking of children, I have yet to have my last appt. w/ my midwives. Vacations, moving, and postpartum cycle weirdness (for me 😉 ) have kept the scheduling of it off. Since I do not see a “regular” physician, I’m hoping to do it soon and have my every-two-years pap and then be done medically speaking until the next time around – Lord Willing. 🙂 I’m latent in many postpartum “symptoms” again – significant hair loss (that I noticed) only occuring around the last weekend of July. So, not sure what’s up. Something similar happened after E. and it turns out it was a estrogen/progesterone imbalance. Progestrone cream worked wonders and it may be the route I’ll have to take this time it seems.

Chickens – We received our last egg 7/19…the last date recorded in the Egg Report I believe. Lacey (Silver Laced) went into a molt heavily. Miriam (Golden Comet) lost a few but nothing much to speak of. Fluff (Buff Orp) lost maybe a totally of 2 feathers…or so it seemed. 😉 Really, she didn’t seem to lose any. A stray one here or there but that’s it. So, at the close of August, it’s been over a month since we’ve gotten any eggs and now we are moving into the cold season. My husband has said quite firmly that the chickens will *not* be in the garage this winter…however, we have yet to fix up the shed as a “coop” let alone in any sort of way to keep them warm, happy and cozy…which = egg laying through the winter. All ready the temps are dropping into the low 40’s and daylight is decreasing rapidly. If we don’t get them set up soon, I’m worried they’ll just end up being “glorified pets” all winter. I really don’t want (nor do we need or can afford) that expense right now. They are a little over a year old now and I know that production won’t be what it was BUT… My children don’t want me to discuss the alternative just yet. 😉

We had another grand “scare a bear away” adventure on 7/22! The chickens were in their pen close to the house when we heard loud cackling. I was going to ignore them knowing it couldn’t possibly be an egg (pessimest that I am 🙄 ) but then thought better of it. I leaned over from the chair I was sitting in at the table to peer out the sliding door at them and my eye caught a big black form slowly advancing through the backyard and very close to the deck. If you know our backyard, you know how very close to the chicken pen that bear was. So, I jumped up, handed P. to M. and went streaking out the door (which was open) hollering and waving my arms. The bear just looked at me like I was crazy but did turn on his heels and amble over to the bushes behind our shed. After trying to determine *just how far* he had ambled, I flipped over the wire, let the birds out and shooed them as quickly as I could toward the shed (bear!). They were very wary and on the alert (considering what had happened to their friends in the spring!) and I really didn’t have to make much effort as they made a bee-line to the shed as fast as they could…all except one! Fluff made a bee-line to the *house*! LOL She wasn’t going toward that bear Oh NO! So, I had to turn around, chase her down (just as she was going in the sliding door!), scoop her up and race with her to the shed! All the while the children are hollering, “Hurry Mom! He’s in the bushes watching you!” The bear had a yellow ear tag and apparently the children could see in bobbing around back there! 😯 I slammed that door shut and beat feet to the house. Whew! Granted, it’s taken longer to *tell* it than it actually took in real life. 😉 We think it was the same one who had been here a week before which got close to the shed sniffing the air and almost near the door. Oh yeah, he knows where they are. 😡 Anyway, since that latest incident, we haven’t seen any more…but that doesn’t mean that aren’t out there… Vigilance. Constant vigilance. Not only for the chicken’s sakes but for my most precious treasures mostly!

Weather – The end of July and through the month of August was nearly constant rain. Soggy dreary days. 😦 But, that’s not out of the ordinary. I just didn’t want to admitt summer was coming to a close. *sigh* The air definitely has a crispness about it now. Like I said above, the temps are dropping into the low 40’s at night now. 42° F just the other night. I noticed significant leaf turning on 8/28 (dh’s bday).

House – The house is still what it is. 🙄 We are *still* working our way through this re-fi! *sigh* Just some conditions that have to be met and it’s taking forever. Of course, now we are moving into winter again and many of the “fix ups” we wanted to have done (and this would give us the $$ for) aren’t going to get done before the cold and snow set it unfortunately!! Some are really necessities. 😦 We are praying fervently that the whole process will speed up significantly in the next week or so and then we might have a good chance of accomplishing what we need to. Pray with us? Thanks! 🙂

Travel and Recreation – Once again, we did not get out of town the whole summer nor did we go hiking, etc. like we desperately wanted to. Dh just swamped with work and finding it hard to break away. Finances dictate that he can’t much anyway. 😦 But, a quick hike wouldn’t be too much to ask right? Well, it must be because now the family vehicle is broken down again! So, even if he could take a break, we do not have a way to get us all here or there. *sigh* Again, praying “it” all comes together… I really wanted to get down to my parents place to enjoy the woods and pick some berries and do a little fishing and…and… Maybe it’s not too late. There are still a couple more weeks before the snow flies. 😉 Dh does have some work he needs to do for them so maybe we can call it a “working weekend” and justify it. Just have to get that vehicle up and running…

Garden – My flowers continued to do well despite the rain. In fact, my gladiola (given to me by a friend for Mother’s Day) bloomed the first weekend of August. The heavy rains and winds we had during one storm knocked it down but I braced it up and now have a second blooming as of this past week. So pretty! 🙂 I got 20 tomatoes off my tomato plant the same friend had given me. Yum-yum! Thankful for every little bit. 😉 We got approx. 48 oz. + of raspberries this year. Most we ate fresh but some we had to give to the chickens. Due to day after day of rain and us not venturing out to pick them, many molded right on the bushes. No telling how many we lost on the ground. When we finally did get out there to pick, we saw a lot of them had fallen off due to the winds, etc. Oh well. We did have a better crop of them this year than the past couple. Dh took down a small tree that had been blocking sun on the patch. Hopefully, next year will be just as good and we can get to them before the weather. I have 3 very small zucchinis to pick. Again, oh well. At least they are enough for one meal. 🙂

Business – Although I had cut out most of my personal computer time, I did spend time on it each day working on business stuff. I’m quite happy with the changes I’ve made to my little store and am still in the process of improving dh’s site. I don’t have Photoshop or other “fancy” programs…just working with the basics here…and still on dial-up – I refuse to pay to have a cable line run to our house *just* for the computer – I’ll “suffer” with my second phone line and cheaper service…principles you know?! 😉 Anyway, if you haven’t stopped by, please do! Christmas is just around the corner! Consider us for some gift purchasing won’t you?! 🙂

Homeschool – Academics continued throught the summer…just at a slower pace. We completed a couple more “curriculums” we had been working on since last fall and still have a couple more (mostly math) to finish up. We read a lot though – so much we thought our eyeballs would fall out! LOL Nothing beats soaking up that wonderful summer sunshine on the deck with a good book! 🙂 We are going to continue with what we’ve been working on through the end of this year and then plan our new school year for the first of 2006. I prefer to school year round and it works better for me to track things Jan.-Dec. I have ordered the first year of TOG as we are still studying Ancient History and hopefully that will help me determine if I’ve left any “holes” – specifically including other cultures besides the “typical” that are studied. In other words, what was happening around the *world* during this time period not just the Greek/Roman/Middle East areas. If we like TOG, I’ll consider purchasing Yr 2 to do for 2006. I’ve been writing my own lesson plans for the past three years or so and, while I enjoy it, our lives just seem too topsy-turvy right now and it irritates me to no end when interuptions come after I’ve spent “all that time” making the “perfect” schedule! I’m hoping to lessen that by leaving the “schedulin” up to someone else. 😉 In fact, I know it will work well as I used Ann Ward’s curriculum during our beginning years and it was so nice to have a plan all laid out so that you could just pick up where you left off when interuptions came. Open and close the notebook and no frustration that you have to go back and redo your plan. 😉 I’ve experienced both ways and I’m hoping I like the plan that Marcia Somerville has laid out! Otherwise, back to the drawing board I guess for me… Too early to tell, of course, right now. I’ll report more in our homeschool blog as it works itself out. 😉

Well, now that I’ve talked your ears off, I better run and get going with my daily household duties! I hope to be back a little more regularly now so maybe I won’t be so wordy from here on out. See what a blog break can do?! 😆

Blessings to all this day!
ps – please excuse all typos…i caught several but baby’s hungry so there’s no time for editing… 😉

Midwife Visit

It was a home visit as my midwife is moving and then actually getting clinic space is in the works. My last appt will be in 2 wks and it will be at their new clinic.

Anyway, so all I have is my blood pressure info. not weight, etc. (not that I’d share that necessarily anyway 😉 ). BP was 124/78. Last time it was 130/80. I know for sure this time because I wrote it down right away. Disgard the numbers from last time if I recorded something different. 😉 They’d like for me to continue the cucumbers and have the bottom number in the low 70s if possible. Otherwise, it sounds like I have a hypertension condition. 😦 Also, news to me, was that my BP was in the normal range right after birth but had spiked by the next day when they came back. I was not aware of that so this surprises me to say the least. Last summer, when I went to the doc so often, they never indicated my BP was a problem. I wonder if this is something that just has to work it self out…like the thyroid problems I had for a brief period. I ask the midwife that was asking the questions, etc. today how long she thought I should continue eating the cucumbers and she said, “Every day for the rest of your life.” 😯 She’s serious too. She also said I should monitor my blood pressure (at home) closely/often. *sigh* I am a healthy person into eating healthy, etc. This should not be. 😦 My mother is (or was) on BP medication but it’s not supposed to happen to ME! I am not getting old, etc. right?! 😉 😐 Face it Tamara…you are almost “middle aged”… 😛 Ack! No way, no way.


P. now weighs 10 lbs. 9 oz. Little more than half a pound in 2 wks. Good girl! 😉

I need to stop bleeding completely before my next visit. I had two days this past weekend without any and then it started up again Mon. Just a bit…but still. Argh. Doing too much. How can I not with a big family??? Dh can not take time off and I must do what needs to be done here. We are still up in the air about whether we are leaving at the end of the month. An appraisal, etc. has to be done first…a refinance is where the funds will come from. Anyway, I don’t want to leave before I’m “officially” cleared up and done with my care from them. (Also, related but different, we just filled out P.’s birth cert. forms. I called and left a message last week hoping they could fill out whatever needed to be filled out and send it in…I forgot about signatures for this-n-that. 🙄 So, we’ll be in a fix if her birth cert. doesn’t come back on time. 😡 )

Well, what ever will be will be…

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