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Educating the Wholehearted Child (Review)

Note: I’m attempting to clean out my Draft box and inspire myself to blog regularly again. I originally wrote this post not long before we moved *three years ago*! (Wrote it in early December 2010 and moved January 3, 2011.) I was also 7 months pregnant! No wonder it was forgotten and left languishing so long. :-/ It’s still applicable though so that’s why I’m posting it. Why waste my thoughts and the time I spent writing them down right? 🙂

Educating the Wholehearted Child Revised & Expanded *

The above book is a wonderful resource full of great ideas and encouragement for those who are home educating or are in the first steps of deciding if it is right for their family.

I think I had the above book on my nightstand for close to three years – I kid you not – and I’m finally finished with it. No, I’m not a slow reader. And, it’s not because it wasn’t a good book. It’s just that I’m not a novice homeschool teacher any more and so I often chose to read one of the other numerous books on my list. With life the way it is for us, it just wasn’t a book I was bent on devouring. Many of the ideas in the book I’ve picked up along the way whether from websites, blogs, other books, etc. It’s a great book for those new to homeschooling and I’d recommend it! There were a few sections that inspired or reinspired me but for the most part it was kind of a downer. Again, nothing to do with the book (or the info it shared) itself…just our life. It’s been hard and I’m not able to incorporate as much of these wonderful ideas as I would have liked over the years into our world. It’s just a personal struggle mentally/emotionally. Therefore, it was hard to pick up this book and keep reading consistently. It will stay on our shelves though as a reference for my children. Perhaps they will find it useful in their homeschools. (The above link is to the older version I have. There is a newer version if you do a search once you are at Amazon.)

To be fair, I have read some other books by Sally Clarkson that I enjoyed very much and didn’t have “negative” thought processes attached to. 🙂

Just thought I’d make mention of it since it was on my reading list so long in the sidebar. I’ll move the link down into the resources section now as I do think it would a helpful book to others.

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Lemonade at the Treehouse (2013)

Reminiscing about last summer….

Because winter is just too long doncha know. 😛

It was one of the hottest I remember experiencing here in the beautiful state in which I was raised.  On one of the hottest days, if not the hottest (98°F not in direct sun!!!), I received a very nice invitation to have lemonade at the Treehouse!  Again, it was HOT, and I’d been working hard. No way was I going to pass up a chance to socialize and cool off!  😉

My cheerful Hosts!

My 3 Little Beauties!

Entertainment was provided too!

He was only 2yo and reciting (a few letters of) the Alphabet! *beam*
Also, there was singing by all of them and a brief Bible passage read by my 8yo Beauty!

Mmmm! Refreshing!

Hard workin’ Mama getting a treat!

(That’s the 13yo Muscle Man in the background comin’ to check out the party. 😉 )

Yup. Warmer temperatures can’t come soon enough!!!

‘Til next time,

2013 Books Finished

In times past, I used to post our homeschool books finished each month and let the sidebar show what I was personally reading and finishing. Now, since I rarely blog, the sidebar does not accurately record what is in my reading pile let alone what I’ve finished and the days are such a blur of activity that I consider myself doing good to remember to make an a note in a word processing program of what we have read for school.

I do keep track that way now though of all books finished by me alone or what I’ve read aloud to everyone and that’s what I’ll post here at the end of the year from now on (unless life changes in some other way and posting more often becomes easier again).

Without further ado:

Books Finished – 2013


Exploring Planet Earth by John Tiner (Feb.) ( )
Little House in the Big Woods (March) ( )
Getting to Know Nature’s Children: Chipmunks (March)
“ “ “: Beavers (April)
Little House on the Prairie (April) ( )
Back to Basics: Rediscovering the Richness of the Reformed Faith (April) ( )
Abraham Lincoln (d’Aulaire) (April) ( )
On the Banks of Plum Creek (May) ( )
Farmer Boy (May) ( )
Pearls of Lutra (June) ( )
By the Shores of Silver Lake (July) ( )
The Long Winter (July) ( )
Little Town on the Prairie (Aug.) ( )
Kirsten’s Surprise (Aug.) ( )
The Long Patrol (Sep.) ( )
Dinosaurs of Eden (Sep.) ( )
These Happy Golden Years (Nov.) ( )
The First Four Years (Dec.) ( )


Virgin Coconut Oil by Hilary (Jan.) ( )
A Log Cabin Christmas Collection (Feb.) ( )
W1ck (Feb.) ( )
Wick 2: Charm School (Feb.) ( )
Forgotten Founding Father (March) ( )
Jim the Boy (April) ( )
Cold Sassy Tree (June) ( )
The Power of Motherhood (July) ( )
Woman Power (July) ( )
Give Me Liberty: The Christian Patriotism of Patrick Henry (July) ( )
Hearts West (July) ( )
The Paleo Coach (Aug.) ( )
How Green Was My Valley (Sep.) ( )
Love and War (Oct.) ( )
The Life of Pi (Oct.) ( )
My Life in Orange (Oct.) ( )
Tillie: A Mennonite Maid (Nov.) ( )
The Member of the Wedding (Dec.) ( )
Life As We Knew It (Dec.) ( )
The Burgermeister’s Daughter: Scandal in a Sixteenth-Century German Town (Dec.)
( )

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Wick Giveaway

I really enjoyed the Wick series by Michael Bunker which I read in Kindle format. (The first is “free forever”, the others are $2.99 It makes “cents” to get the Omnibus edition though if you haven’t read any of them yet.) I would like to have a hard copy and entered this giveaway for a chance to. Apparently, it’s revised and expanded, but my budget is tight and I don’t want to spring for another version if I don’t have to. 😉

Good luck to the rest of you if you decide to enter as well!

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Desiring God – Review

This review is a long time coming. I received this series of dvds just before we moved a couple of years ago and, in the process, it was packed, overlooked, etc. It was kept in a box with other things I knew I’d want right away when we finally settled in enough to unpack and we finally watched this dvd series the first winter after we moved to our new house. (Wow, two winters here already?!) Of course, things were still topsy-turvy as I tried to find our basic homeschool supplies and manage that and all things domestic in a place much MUCH smaller than we had before. Also, we didn’t have Internet connection that first winter and whenever we’d visit the library, this review was the last thing on my mind. Many times I had forgotten to bring my laptop with me so I didn’t have my rough drafts/notes anyway. This series served us well in another way in that it provided us a Sunday sermon for a few Sundays in a row. Our move brought us more than a hundred miles away from our home church and there were (are) no churches to fit our beliefs out here…so “home church” needed some variation and good resources.

I don’t remember specific quotes or anecdotes directly from the film series since it’s been a while. I do remember it is about “Christian Hedonism.” Basically, doing as God says…loving Him with all your heart, mind, soul and strength. Seek to enjoy Him to the fullest in all areas of your life. And, unlike sinful humanistic ways of hedonism in various areas of life, there isn’t ever any way that you can love God, enjoy God or get too much of God. The older children and I probably received more edification and teaching from it than the younger members of the family but there were some good explanations and anecdotes that did catch their attention and kept them interested for the most part. It is definitely a series that I’ll keep around and have everyone view again.

If you are interested in knowing more about this dvd series or purchasing it, you can read more about it or buy it through the link below:

Desiring God DVD Series

(This is an affiliate link. If you purchase this item or anything else by clicking through it to the Amazon website, I will receive a small compensation. It will be paid to me buy Amazon and will not affect your cost. Thank you for your support!)

You can also listen to the sermons here if you cannot or do not want to purchase the series:

Desiring God

Please let me know your thoughts should you watch the series or listen to the sermons! I would love to know how you were encouraged to become a “Christian Hedonist!”

‘Til next time,

PS – I received this book free from Waterbrook Multnomah Publishers in exchange for a review. I was not required to post a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and always will be – positive or negative. 🙂

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