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Ergo Love and Blueberry Heaven

I can’t wait to be doing this again…

and this…

and this…

The berry picking will, of course, have to wait a few more months but hiking starts just as soon as we can catch a break! We’re finishing up a big order this weekend…so, soon…very soon. Hopefully, in the next couple of days. I so love being in the mountains and woods with my family! 🙂

And, yes, that’s an Ergo Baby Carrier! Like so many others, I LOVE MY ERGO! Save your pennies, spring for one. You won’t be disappointed! 😀

♥ oxoxox ♥

*Photos are from Aug. 2007

You know…

it’s Spring when…

Our cat killed and presented us a full grown rabbit in the middle of the *living room* (!!!) a couple of days ago. Boy, did that cause a ruckus amongst the natives! 😉 We were actually talking of skinning and eating it but then thought we shouldn’t deprive our hard working cat of his prize and dh tossed it out into the garage. By this time though the cat had lost interest. 🙄 We left it there hoping he’d eat it some time in the night after everyone had settled down and gone to bed. No such luck. 😛 Oh well. The kiddos got to play funeral the next afternoon. 🙂

♥ oxoxox ♥

December in Review

Officially typed up 5/10/08


12/20 1 (M) – Whoa! Whadaya know?! An egg! Almost as exciting as the very first time it happened… 😉 Unfortunately, we were too late in discovering it…and it was eaten! 😦

12/23 1 (M) We were quicker this time and the egg is ok. 🙂

12/25 1 (M) Eaten again!! What’s going on?!?

12/27 1 (M)
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Changed our frost zone…

to 2-3 after looking at a more detailed map from the local Extention Service (which can be seen here). Downtown, closer to the Inlet, it is zone 4. We are colder due to our elevation on Hillside. It’s very evident in the spring and fall – there is at least a two week “lag time” – our leaves bud out 2 wks later than those lower than us and our leaves change color about 2 wks sooner. It takes 2 wks long, at least, for our snow to leave also, etc. It sure does cause me envy to be seeing people in “town” mowing their lawns, turning dirt in their gardens, having bulbs bloom, etc. so much sooner than us. 😐 Oh well. I get over it every year too… 😉

I added a new link for garden help too specially aimed at AK gardeners but could also be useful for others in cool/cold zones. (In the sidebar under Sites for Garden Help.) Have fun!

**2004 Harvest**

Thinking about the new garden season ahead made me realize I hadn’t wrapped up blogging about last years…

**2004 Harvest**

Wild Blueberries – 16 oz.

Raspberries – 41 oz.

Peas – Oregon Sugar Pod (24 oz.)

Garden Bean – Blue Lake (32 oz.)

Zucchini Squash – Black Beauty (4 zucs apprx. 2lbs each, 2 zuc apprx. 1lb each)

Turnip – Purple Top White Globe(10)

Rhubarb – 4 gallons

Radish – Cherry Belle (31)

Potatoes – approx. 2 dozen medium to very small

Cauliflower – Snowball X (4 small heads)

What’s Growing…Established

Front Yard –


Rhubarb (7)

Lilac (1)

Back Yard –

Crabapple Tree (1)

Braeburn Apple seedling (3)

Lilac (1)

Strawberries – domestic and wild


Hollyhock blooming!

Finally, finally, finally! One plant has had three buds on it that have been big and looking like they would open any day for about 2 weeks now. I haven’t been spending much time outside as it’s been awfully rainy lately…so I suspect this one probably opened a day or two ago. Just beginning to spread it’s lovely light pink and white petals! 🙂

Garden Update

The garden is ok. We pulled a cauliflower. The flowers were starting to grow uneven but I was waiting hoping it would “fill out” more. It never did and the stalks got kinda “woody.” Oh well. We steamed and ate it anyway.

My tomato plants decide to flower out nicely and there are many green ones of various sizes out there. Not as good a crop as last year due to my waiting too long to start them in the house…but at least we have some.

The corn is doing something!!! Despite being in pots. Two of the plants so far have “tassles.” They are really pushing it to produce “fruit” before the cold weather gets here…but I’m rooting for them!!

I took another zuc out – a small one this time as I caught a slug doing a number on it. We have a few more that medium to large that I’ll get in the next couple of days probably.

I noticed another of the potato plants has died so I’ll need to dig those potatoes up soon. Wish the rain would quit long enough for me to do it without getting wet…

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