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The Slanted Door (Review)

The Slanted Door: Modern Vietnamese Food

I can’t stop looking at this book! I love it!

Hardcover, solidly bound, pleasantly laid out, beautifully photographed!

If you like Asian food and cooking, you’ll want to have this book too.

I’ve only just begun to read the descriptive information which tells the history of this 2014 Outstanding Restaurant award winner. Although, I’ve already picked out several recipes to try! Recipes cover a full gamut – four or five course meals easily. Categories are: Starters, Cocktails, Raw Bar, Salads, Soups, Mains, Desserts and Basics.

I wasn’t the only one drooling over the pictures…

and scanning the ingredients for things we might already have in the cupboard…

(Our resident Chef!)

Seriously, every time I turned around, someone was grabbing my book to look at it!

We will substitute some of the ingredients (depending on the recipe) as we stick more to a whole foods diet and do our best to cut those that are highly refined, processed, etc. No corn syrup, white sugar, white flour, etc. Many of the recipes look like they have mostly good ingredients though.

Definitely a book about food and cooking that will stay on our shelves. You can be sure it won’t be one collecting dust!

Retail price is $40.00 A little spendy…but, with the above link, you can purchase it at Amazon for $23.40 hardcover and $18.99 Kindle version. Use the "Look Inside" feature to browse the book. I don't think you'll be disappointed if you appreciate Asian foods and well made books. A lovely gift for the cook in your life this holiday season!

Did you look through it? Let me know what you think…

‘Til next time,

ps – I received this book free as a review copy. I was under no obligation to provide a positive review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. This post contains affiliate links in which I will receive a small commission should you decide to purchase the product but will not incur additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

Homeschool Books Finished


History – Middle Ages/Reformation

Joan Of Arc (World Landmark Books)

The Escape: The Adventures of Three Huguenot Children Fleeing Persecution (Based on Historical Facts)




Journey of the Heart

Well, that about wraps up the books we read together this year for educational purposes. Of course, there are lots more not mentioned that were more in the recreational category but homeschool families tend to also read educational books recreationally…if those weren’t actually in my hands sharing them with the children then they didn’t make it on the list. 😉

Of all of the above books, I have to say I enjoyed A Journey of Souls the most. In fact, of all the books I read this year, this one was my absolute favorite – even among my “grown up” books! I cried in places. I delighted in places. All through it I had the hardest time wrapping my head around the fact this was history – fictionalized yes – but history never-the-less. Read this book!

I know I haven’t made many educational posts for the longest time and I don’t really have the time now but briefly I will say that we are pretty much done for the year. The older girls are continuing with their respective math curriculms. They finished at odd times and are pretty much independent of me in this area now. As long as they are making good progress, I let them plan/correct/pace themselves. They are self-motivated in this area and that makes my overall job that much easier. They are honest with themselves (and me), keep me informed on how many they miss on lessons, what areas they need help with, etc.

Anyhow, except for math, all other educational pursuits have ended and after Christmas I’ll be doing my planning for the new year. (We like to school year round and plan Jan. – Dec.)

HS – Books Finished

Note: We finished these books toward the end of summer – fall ’08


History – Medieval



Reading – Read-Aloud

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