EXCELLENT book! Over the course of time, the School of Hard Knocks, previously reading many of the listed resource books and the Word, I drew many of the same conclusions. However, I wish this book had been available at the start of my marriage…provided I would have been willing to listen. Would have saved on much frustration and tears. God’s timing is His timing however. Lessons learned (still perfecting 😉 ) though and she has written about it much better than I ever could! I highly endorse it and heartily recommend it to ALL *married* women – young or old, newly married or not. If you’ve already experienced and learned these things, then it would be a fabulous reference to pass on to some other lady God leads you to share it with!

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Love Your Husband/Love Yourself: Embracing God’s Purpose for Passion in Marriage (See all Marriage Books)

Thanks! And, Happy Reading! 🙂