We haven’t worked on our kitchen for quite a while. In fact, we quit working on it about this time last year (about a whole year! where does time go?!?) due to the impending arrival of baby, business picking up for a new season, etc. A few weeks ago ( a month already?!?) dh took everything out of it again to resume the remodeling. Yes, life is tough for a family of nine with a torn up kitchen! But, a little here and a little there (mostly after he’s home from work and dinner is over), we are making progress again – thank the Lord!

He’s moved the refrigerator into the pantry as well as the cabinets that were over it. The cabinets that were to the right of the stove, and we removed *years* ago, are now installed to the right of the sink where the ones that were over the refrigerator were. Two of the three sets are finished being painted. It’s time to think about the hardware. I don’t like the old hardware and was thinking one of the below options:



Which one would you choose?

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